Blue model outcome: always like this

I can’t say that I am surprised to hear that Michigan’s governor is about to declare a fiscal emergency for the city of Detroit in preparation for a state takeover of the city’s mismanagement, because even back in the 80s when I was in Michigan it was obvious Detroit was on the quick path to oblivion. From Reuters the article:

(Reuters) – Michigan Governor Rick Snyder will officially declare a financial emergency for Detroit on Friday, paving the way for a state takeover of the city, a state government source said on Thursday.

At a forum in Detroit, the Republican governor will endorse the February 19 findings of a six-member review team that concluded the city’s dire financial situation constituted an emergency, according to the source, who asked not to be identified.

Sara Wurfel, Snyder’s spokeswoman, said the governor will outline “his determination on whether or not there is an emergency.”

The official declaration of an emergency for Michigan’s biggest city will trigger a 10-day deadline for Detroit officials to request a hearing with Snyder. It will likely result in the appointment of an emergency financial manager to manage its fiscal affairs.

The review team said the city is plagued by “operational dysfunction,” but made no official recommendation on the need to appoint an emergency financial manager, leaving that to the governor.

“Operational dysfunction”, heh. That’s got to be code for decades of insane liberal wealth redistribution schemes & scams masquerading as fiscal policy that has driven employers, jobs as well as productive individuals out of the city. All that is left now is the most corrupt political class you could imagine and takers that have nowhere else to go. Calling the city’s management dysfunctional is an insult to those that are truly dysfunctional. Detroit’s management has been criminal, at best.

Detroit for a very long time touted as the epitome of the blue model for decades, and the left continued to pretend the insane anti-business and anti-common sense policies they had where driving the city to the bring for the last 3 decades. The place is now in shambles. Vast areas are completely abandoned and blighted. The people left live in a lawless place that resembles post-apocalyptic imagery we are all accustomed to. Mind you that the state has already been desperately trying to at some level manage the city’s finances but this has not met any kind of success. The politicians that run the city and keep getting elected to run the city are crooks and criminals, and their priority is to line their pockets and those of their friends and connections while pretending to do what they do to help the common man. Despite the left’s effort to pretend otherwise, that is the reality of how the blue government model works in a nutshell.

Mind you Detroit is not the sole blue government model showing us how their way of running things work out. The blue state model fails regardless of what level it is implemented at. Despite massive tax increases and doubling down on more insane blue policies, entire states, like Illinois and California, just to name the two most prominent blue states at this time, are going belly up too. The blue model types have taken their campaign to destroy national. And this problem transcends the US, we can see where ever this blue government model passes as the new poltical reality. The blue government model is not viable. But the people in power can’t let go. It is akin to religious fanticism. Admitting that the blue model is unsustainable means that they lose their power and money making schemes. And for the faithful that’s blasphemy.

In the end you always run out of other people’s money while screwing everyone over, no matter how well intentioned your blue policies are. The blue model fanatics will crucify anyone that points this out however. They would rather destroy the last 200 years of progress than admit they are idiots and what they believe in is not only not viable, but destructive when left to run its course. Tragic.

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  1. Dave D

    The light rail plan is particularly silly. The huge 500+ million price tag will build a SINGLE 3.3 mile line that parallels Woodward (one of the 4 major arteries that enter Detroit), so basically people in Ferndale, Royal Oak and BIrmingham (basically ~10% of the population of Metro Detroit) can take the train to sporting events downtown. The rest of the Metro area (90+%) will NEVER use this thing. We have buses in Detroit and the metro area and from my observation, they run essentially empty on a daily basis to the suburbs. Detroiters just won’t give up their cars.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Dave D says:
    March 1, 2013 9:42 am at 9:42 am (UTC -5)

    It is not about the railway or what it will do gents, it is about the people that are going to get a major pay day from this project. Find out who is going to make a killing financially from this project, and you will find the reason it is going to keep going, despite the fact everyone knows it is a mistake, and a bad one too. It’s the blue model in a nutshell: the right people get rich and the wrong ones get accused of being evil for trying to get or stay rich.

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