Blue State model failure double down!

If you wonder why the blue state model is so destructive economically, take a look at the insanity reported as intelligent proposals by greedy pols in this story. Particularly this:

Rep. Betsy Ritter, a Waterford Democrat, not only has sponsored a “combined reporting” bill, but she has also proposed a hoarder’s tax. This would place a levy on liquid assets — companies with a lot of money in the bank — and dedicate the proceeds to job creation programs.

Ritter, whose district includes the state’s two nuclear power plants at Millstone Point, is one of a dozen lawmakers who contend that Malloy’s plans to extend the electricity generation tax could cost southeastern Connecticut hundreds of jobs.

While Malloy has said repeatedly this is not the time to raise taxes, that line already has been crossed, Ritter said.

“It sounds to me like the legislature is respectfully saying (tax increases) are something we have to have on the table to have a balanced discussion about the budget,” she said.

Malloy stuck those of us paying taxes in the People’s Republic of Connecticut with an across the board massive tax hike last year already, an the sheeple of this state almost revolted. That is why he is so reluctant about any more increases. But the other idiot collectivists kike this Ritter idiot don’t care. To morons like Ritter it’s the government’s money and they decide how much they should let you keep.

Like all the blue states, Connecticut has much higher unemployment than the average, and the numbers are far worse when you consider underemployment. The state tries real hard to put lipstick on this pig to make it look less ugly, but the truth can not be hidden. And politicians like this Ritter are the reason why businesses are leaving or not growing. This politician is not driven by any desire to do good. It is plain and simple envy, greed, and megalomania that produces ideas as stupid as this one.

Unfortunately for the collectivist blue model nanny staters, the massive amount of failures of their previous socio-engineering policies is now leaving them with no option than to resort to outright coercion and extortion, albeit through the law, to force businesses to act like collectivist work mills, just like government does, even when doing so will be financially ruinous to said businesses. Shining turds is a job, but it produces no value for either the business or the customer. Of course idiots like Ritter will just pass a law to make people have to buy polished turds, and that solves the problem.

Fucking idiots.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Yes. Confiscating liquid assets — some of which are built in compliance of federal law — will certainly make businesses want to move to Connecticut! What an idiot.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Yes. Confiscating liquid assets — some of which are built in compliance of federal law — will certainly make businesses want to move to Connecticut! What an idiot.

    At this point I am far more worried about all the businesses seriously looking to move OUT of Connecticut Hal. I know at least 3 small business owners that packed up and moves South, one that sold his business to get out of the racket, and about 4 or 5 that are now set on leaving because the climate has become so nasty that they are basically told their business’ job is to provide jobs to people government approves of and to shut up about anything else.

    And then the left wonders why the frack those that can do business under the table or move their assets offshore. Of course when their own do it -ask Kerry about his yacht – it is not a big deal. It is only the people that don’t talk leftard and try to avoid the stupid confiscation that are bad. Those that pay lip service to leftardism though, they are cool.

    What a joke.

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