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  1. Section8

    So Argo won? Decent film from an entertainment side. From a historical perspective though it ranks up there with looking at toilet paper after you wipe your ass with it. Of course we all know by now that “based on a true story” simply means it happened on the same planet as the real story, and anything more detailed than that should be taken with a bag of salt.

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  2. Dave D

    As a history buff, I think the WORST thing that Hollywood can do is to present movies “based on a true story” or similar. Key aspects of the story are either left out or reassigned for God knows what reason and the film becomes gospel to the low information voter. A real disservice to our youth, particularly.

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  3. Section8

    As a history buff, I think the WORST thing that Hollywood can do is to present movies “based on a true story” or similar.

    Agreed. Since they already have G, PG-13, R ratings etc. Why not have an accuracy rating scale. This movie is rated 15% historically accurate. At least people who don’t know every single event in history (which would be all of us) would at least have some idea going in for a particular movie based on an event. I think this would be better for our youth than the chance they might see some titties on the screen.

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  4. CM


    New Zealand’s ambassador in Iran at the time, Chris Beeby, and second secretary Richard Sewell secretly helped the staff escape by providing food and entertainment as they sheltered at the Canadian embassy. They also provided a safe house.

    However, the film depicts New Zealand as turning away the US diplomats….

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  5. Section8

    However, the film depicts New Zealand as turning away the US diplomats…

    This was accurate so quit complaining :)

    Seriously though, I’m not sure what benefit came to the movie by making it sound like NZ and GB did nothing. How much extra filming would have it taken just state these two countries were providing support but everyone ended up in the Canadian embassy?

    One of the things that I bitch about is the world perception and creative history that goes on these days making America out to be the bad guy in just about every situation. How am I supposed to be able to bitch about that when these movies pull this shit? There were lots of contributors to get these hostages to safe harbor, both foreign and domestic. Yes, it’s a movie so there is going to be some creative drama, and not every event will be told, sometimes important players are diminished or left out entirely, but there’s a difference between artistic creativity and just plain bullshit.

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  6. Section8

    The Slate article seems to be just as ridiculous. It has the standard lame rant of immediately making it a race issue and did quite a stretch with the white American comment, as in reality there was an actual hostage crisis. If the hostages weren’t for the most part white Americans he should provide some evidence. This, of course, is yet again just the misguided view held by many people on the left that looking under any rock to somehow make something a racial issue automatically makes you superior in intellect. My issues with this movie were more less not giving the Canadians more credit for their involvement, as well as other nations. As for the movie, depicting Iranian fundamentalists as Iranian fundamentalists, well BFD. And if the movie demeaned them (the fundamentalists) well BFD. If it demeaned the entire Iranian population, then that’s another story, but it did not. I did not see that when I saw the movie. I doubt there would be a hint of anger from this guy if WHITE fundamentalist Christians were made out to be buffoons. If fact, it happens on a regular basis. There are better criticisms of this movie than this hot air.

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  7. mrblume

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  8. Section8

    I stand by my statements. Your retort is simply running around in circles. Perhaps I’ll have a more in depth response when there is something of value to respond to. Thanks.

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  9. CM

    Of the nine Best Picture nominations I saw precisely two – Argo, and Django Unchained. So that’s just woeful (years ago, before kids, I would have seen every one of them – at least if they’d been released here by Oscar night anyway).
    I went into Django with high expectations and they were not met (they were by the first half, but certainly not the crap second). I went into Argo with average expectations and they were easily met. I didn’t think Argo was a brilliant film, but it was pretty good and I was entertained and I appreciated the effort and skill that went into making it (and the cast was superb). It’s better than Django. And I even enjoyed Affleck in front of the camera as well as behind it. I hope he keeps making films, there’s a good chance I’ll go see them.
    So, on that basis, they picked the right film. If I’d seen any of the others, I might be able to disagree. I really want to see Lincoln. People rave about Life of Pi but the trailer left me cold.

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  10. Hal_10000

    I think the Slate article is way off base. This wasn’t a story about Iran; it was a story about a rescue. As such, it focused on the people most relevant to it. A story about the Iranian revolution would be very different. But ask the people who actually experienced these events — the hostages and the rescued six — if they didn’t feel like everyone in Iran was against them, like the country became monochromatic. Practically the only people who were visible were the revolutionaries.

    He also ignores one critical plot point: the maid at the Canadian ambassador’s residence who told the revolutionaries that the guests were film-makers and then fled to Iraq. That was real courage in the face of that.

    Frankly, I think the real hero was Ambassador Taylor (and his British and Kiwi counterparts) who took tremendous personal risk to shelter them. And the Canadian government, who met in secret to approve the fake passports and were labelled as a potential target of Islamic terrorism as a result. You combine this with some of the work their Joint Task Force is doing, I find it hard to argue that Canadians are complete wusses.

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  11. CM

    The Canadian ambassador on whom the Academy Award-winning film Argo was based says he is concerned a new generation will be misinformed about New Zealand’s role in the 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

    Mr Taylor said he approached the New Zealand High Commission in Ottawa to ask if he could hold a press conference to speak about New Zealand’s contribution to the rescue.

    Prime Minister John Key acknowledged that Argo was a creative account of the historical incident but said it was unfortunate New Zealand’s role was not accurately presented.

    “It’s a bit disappointing,” he said. “I see Ben Affleck’s telling everyone … he loves New Zealand and New Zealanders – that’s a good thing but it would be helpful if [the film] was a bit more accurate.”

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