Hey Mr DJ: Big Rock Hits Edition

The universe likes to remind us, every now and then, that our entire existence is pretty frail and that a good enough sized chunk of slab from the ether can wipe it all out quite easily. It doesn’t take a very big rock to make a big mess, does it?

This week, be humbled before the Rock Gods lest you be smited by their fury. The music:

1. Rock. The greatest hits and biggest rockers.

2. Meteoric Rise: Honor those artists whose ascension to fame was almost from nowhere or…

3. The Crater: What the fuck happened to those guys?

4. Heavenly Bodies: Open to interpretation.

5. Sonic Boom: Loudest shit you can find.

For those of you I rock-blocked last week:

West Virginia Rebel: Under the Milky Way by The Church

pfluffy: Starfuckers Inc. by NIN

Mississippi Yankee: Heaven is Falling by Bad Religion

Santino: Earthbound Sister by Creepjoint

CM: Leave the Sun Behind by Buffalo Killers

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