The Last MJ Hack Attack

A couple of weeks ago, Mother Jones published a list of 10 pro-gun “myths”. I tackled them at my own site. It’s a good reference for when bogus stats are thrown our way in the gun debate.


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  1. Section8 says:

    Excellent post Hal.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee says:

    Excellent link to your site Hal.

    (I just don’t possess the class that Section8 does)

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  3. Seattle Outcast says:

    I thought Mother Jones was a humor site, like The Onion, until people at Fark started getting mad at me for pointing out that it’s mostly moronic shit that nobody with an IQ above room temperature could actually take seriously.

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  4. CM says:

    So just like unskewedpolls.com then?

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  5. stogy says:

    On first viewing, I’d say you’ve done a bang up job (heh… pun intended) on this, Hal. Nicely done.

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