Hey Mr DJ: B-Sides Edition

And so the 2nd Term of President Barack Obama has begun. Usually, a president’s second term is known for few significant accomplishments and assorted trivialities. It’s the first half that carries his glory while the second is basically filler. In other words, this is the B-Side of Obama’s “album”.

B-Sides are not necessarily bad songs. They’re just less well-known. Sometimes, they’re even experimental and really cool.

This thread is pretty self-explanatory. Give me the lesser known songs of great acts. Hidden tracks are good too as well as “lost” stuff like this. The dark side of Dark Side of the Moon, if you will. For fuck’s sake, don’t play anything I’ve heard on the radio if you can help it.

WVR: Not Enough Time by INXS

Santino: Dust Bowl Dance by Mumford and Sons

Biggie G: Pretty Tied Up by Guns N’ Roses

pfluffy: Rats by Pearl Jam

MY: Black Girls by Violent Femmes

CM: Rich by The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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  1. Thrill *

    This one is a pure B-Side for you, pfluffy. It’s the big “WTF” track on one of my most favorite albums. Doesn’t quite sound like anything else on Superunknown or even by that band:

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  2. pfluffy

    Doesn’t quite sound like anything else on Superunknown or even by that band

    It has a more “Down on the Upside” feel to it. I have always liked that one, probably because of the banjo mandolin. It reminds me of this great unknown SG track:

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  3. pfluffy

    Fucking hell, editing not working. The similarity is in the banjo mandolin, which is a very cool instrument. I have one that needs restoring. I should get on that one of these days.

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  4. pfluffy

    Nice selections, WVR. Johnny Cash did Nick Cave the favor of remaking that one.

    So I was thinking about Hal and his lamentations regarding death-by-grocery bag and this song popped into my head. I doubt you have heard it on the radio, Thrill. It was released under the Creative Commons license. You can remix it at will.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    pfluffy. from what I gather he, much like D.A.C. lived what he sings about. Pretty sure he’s from up around HARLEY too.

    Never cared for country my whole life but I got some on me 10 years ago and now I can’t get it off.

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  6. pfluffy

    I am from somewhere near Harley, myself, but have been in Atlanta since 1979. Old-style country and folk was part of my upbringing, but rock is my passion. I do love Southern Rock:

    Here is some obscure southern rock, hope you like it:

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  7. Mississippi Yankee

    I do love Southern Rock myself. And I would have put up some Skynyrd but Thrill didn’t want anything he might have heard on the radio and even their side B stuff gets air time.

    Black Oak Arkansas was possibly the first Southern Rock band I ever heard (early 70’s)

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  8. pfluffy

    And I would have put up some Skynyrd but Thrill didn’t want anything he might have heard on the radio and even their side B stuff gets air time.

    shhhhh… Gloria was technically a B-side but who hasn’t heard it? Remember these guys?

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  9. Iconoclast

    There is one line in this song that I leaned on whenever I thought I wouldn’t finish college — “It takes a little more persistence to get up and go the distance…” My young, undisciplined self needed all the help and inspiration it could get.

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBZ2qDIbDUQ&w=420&h=315

    And now that I am much older, I am still not as disciplined as I’d like to be, and still need all the help I can get…

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  10. Santino

    You did hear that The Stone Roses are at Coachella this year, eh?

    I’m getting old, I have to come to RTFTLC to get my music updates from you. I just found out a couple of weeks ago that Alice in Chains came out with some new music.

    Eh. I want something heavier.

    It’s all I got.


    How about a little something to pull on your heart-strings?

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  11. Mississippi Yankee

    WOW, I’d forgot about Molly Hatchet. Thanks for that blast,

    There’s a local (Meridian MS) band that cut an album a few years ago. I think I put “Catfish Stew” by them before but this is a good side B song by Laidlaw

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  12. Thrill *

    Yesss. Megadeth is my business and business is, um, going…alright. I suppose. Hm.

    But here’s an old favorite I haven’t played in some time.

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  13. Santino

    Here’s a fine, sad one for you, Santino:

    Probably my favourtie song from that album.

    Does anyone have any idea why I can’t edit my posts anymore?

    I noticed that Iconoclast had a post disappear. Hmmm?

    One more sad for Thrill.

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