Another Victory for the IJ

My favorite organization has won again:

When prosecutors tried to seize his family’s Tewksbury motel where drug incidents had been reported, Russ Caswell couldn’t believe the feds had the right to take a property from someone who was never charged with a crime.

Well, it turns out Caswell was right after all: A magistrate judge in Boston federal court just ruled that prosecutors didn’t have enough evidence to justify seizing the Motel Caswell. They didn’t even come close.

I blogged about this case before. The Feds were trying to sieze a hotel because a few drug deals had gone down there even though the Caswells had called the cops. Motel Caswell ain’t exactly the Ritz — the online reviews are not kind. But the idea that the Feds could swoop in and seize it was ridiculous. And I’m glad they won.

Interesting side note: the US Attorney behind this case? Yeah, it’s Carmen Ortiz again, the same woman who is under fire for the Swartz case. Not having a good month is Ms. Ortiz.

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