Some prespective, while they celebrate

If you remember the howling from the press and the left when Boosh was “destroying our country” with those once evil tax cuts for the rich, massive and out of control spending, insane wars, and horrible violations of our rights, you are going to really be scratching your head when you find out that now that things are worse, they don’t care much. We are now
$16 trillion in debt but still have no Democrat budget for over 1,361 days. Remember this as these people gather this weekend to celebrate fooling enough people to keep them and their destructive model around for another 4 years. It is good to be part of the elite.

So now, the donkeys that freaked out when Boosh ran deficits of a couple of hundred billion – long before the Pelosi led House started doing the real serious spending – are running trillion dollar plus ones, and on top of that want more power to keep up the unlimited and unaccountable spending, and we get told this is all good. I now find out that the lefties now suddenly found the despised Boosh tax cuts for the rich to not only be awesome, but are pretended, really, really hard, that they where fighting the evil republicans to prevent their expiration. To save the middle class, of all things. I thought the tax cuts where only for the rich? WTF? This is too confusing.

And after they saved us from the expiration from what in Boosh’s time was a horrible tax cheat for the rich, but now is critical for the middle class, with promises that only those super rich assholes would be hammered, people are coming out of the woodworks to complain their taxes have gone up anyway. Now Team Blue is pissed the stupid republicans are screwing the economy over because they refuse to allow more of this unlimited & unaccountable spending. That deal for a debt ceiling raise that’s supposed to cover the next 3 months, while they supposedly negotiate for some fiscal discipline, is now the culprit for the adverse economy that they still want us to believe is still all Boosh’s fault. But don’t panic, Team Blue has an economic plan!

Anyone but an idiot pretends that the apathy with the “Boosh is a warmonger and needs to be hanged” crowd as Team Blue has expanded the wars we are engaged in, fighting them half heartedly, but still fighting, drone striking everyone and anyone as long as Obama puts them on his super secret list, and as Gitmo still is going strong going on 5 years since it was promised to be shut down, isn’t a sign of something being seriously wrong. The list of places we need to fight, even as they tell us al Qaeda is dead keeps growing. And now, the tyrants also want to use tragedy to disarm the people, for our own good of course. Think of those poor children already. Tyrants always trot out the children when they want to do something disgusting nobody would go along with otherwise. But they have a reason, I tell you! Why should we be worried when you hear stories like this or this?

Meh, things are great. Obamacare is about to really fix healthcare! And the problems are all Boosh’s fault anyway. We are in good hands….

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