I bet they got this backwards…

And it is not so much that the study’s findings that male jurors are more likely to find overweight women guilty is accurate, but that dudes will give a good looking female a lot more leeway.

New Haven, Conn. (CBS CONNECTICUT) – Male members of a jury are more likely to find a defendant guilty if the accused person is an overweight female.

According to a recent study by Yale University psychologists, male – and not female – jurors are also more inclined to believe that a fat woman is a repeat offender who had malicious intent.

The researchers gathered a group of 471 pretend peers of varying body sizes and described to them a case of check fraud. They also presented them with one of four images—either a large man, a lean man, a large woman, or a lean woman—and identified the person in the photograph as the defendant.

I think I woukld like a closer look a data, but I would not be surprised that there is visual bias. Or maybe every guy has a big-boned chick – is that PC or what? – that wronged them, and they just know better? I don’t know, bI am not inclined to think a female is guilty just because she isn’t attractive unless she also is tatooed up & down with gang symbols, is smoking a fat stogie, cnstantly cracks her knuckles, and has a hoarser voice than James Earl Jones. Or maybe if they are me they just see the costs to Obamacare they will have to pay. But then they should also be pissed at overweight dudes. Or is it about the fact females outlive dudes and will cost more?

Yeah, what a dilema. It does look like big girls are not going to get much love in progressive CT.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Ironically, I’m on jury duty this week.

    I find that I’m far less willing to believe anything the cops have to say unless there is video to back it up.

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