I bet you they all voted too!

And you know who these people voted for.

Red-faced state officials admitted last night they are trying to find as many as 19,000 missing welfare recipients — after the controversial taxpayer-funded voter registration pitches the state mailed to their addresses last summer were sent back marked “Return to sender, address unknown.”

The Department of Transitional Assistance contacted 477,000 welfare recipients who were on their books from June 1, 2011, to May 31, 2012, after settling a voter-rights lawsuit brought by Democratic-leaning activist groups that demanded an aggressive voter information effort by the state. That $274,000 push by DTA resulted in 31,000 new voter registrations — but revealed an alarming number of welfare recipients whose residency in Massachusetts can’t be confirmed.

“DTA is in the process of contacting those clients for which a forwarding address was prov­ided to verify their addresses, as a change of address might impact their eligibility,” a statement from the agency said. DTA critics expressed astonishment at the agency’s faulty address records — which were only uncovered by accident — saying it’s further evidence that the electronic benefits system sorely needs reform.

Yah, sure the problem is their addresses. Heh. I wonder how good their healthcare records are. Masshole tax payers must be loving this stuff.

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  1. TxAg94

    Imagine if they expanded the review nationwide for not only welfare but also Medicare, Medicaid, etc. I suspect we could make a VERY large dent in our budget woes just by weeding out the “errors” and ineligible recipients. That would eliminate a lot of votes, though, and we can’t have that, especially when the bill is paid by taxpayers.

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  2. Dave D

    I heard here in Michigan that everyone on food stamps (called the “Bridge Card” here in Michigan, after the Mackinac bridge, I guess?) who has a card # that ends in “0” didn’t get paid this month due to a clerical error. That affected 85,000 cards (families, so even more individuals) who get an average of $520/month. This means that the total program spends 5.3 BILLION doillars a year for 850,000 families in state of less than 10 million people! This is a program initated by former Governor Jen Jen and has MASSIVELY increased lately. This was after former Governor Engler had cut welfare in our state in response to public pressure to regulate spending. This shit never ends!

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  3. InsipiD

    Stop the direct deposits for anyone who is missing and I promise 88% will show up. The other 12% are dead and will have some coy relatives show up.

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