Hey Mr DJ: Reset Button Edition

We’re nearly through with the holidays, at long last. All things considered, 2012 was a good year for me personally. Yes, I think the major electoral outcome was a disaster for America, but life goes on.

Let’s look ahead to 2013, which will be exciting, I believe. Whether or not we want the excitement it will offer is a different question.

Bring on the New Year with:

1. Your Best of 2012. This can be music released in 2012 or even older music that you only discovered and started to appreciate in 2012.

2. Songs about renewal, new beginnings, or starting over

3. Music about making a complete wreck of your life and looking back bitterly (the Ball and Chain option)

4. Something that sums up your feelings about 2012.

5. In honor of the Fake Mayan Apocalypse, songs about the calendar, days of the week, and time

For last week’s survivors of the end:

FPrefect: A Simple Song by The Shins (1)

pfluffy: Psychotic Girl by The Black Keys (1)

Poosh: Save Me by Gotye (1)

Biggie G: Club Foot by Kasabian (1)

Iconoclast: Weatherman by Dead Sara (1)

stogy: Friday I’m in Love by the Cure (5)

Santino: Survival by Muse (1)

Mississippi Yankee: Lover of the Light by Mumford and Sons (1)

CM: Love Interruption by Jack White (1)

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  1. pfluffy

    #1 and #5. I lost track of Mick Harvey when he left the Bad Seeds. I had no idea how good his solo stuff was until I heard this one on the Breaking Bad soundtrack and looked it up (oh, THAT Mick Harvey).

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  2. Biggie G

    1. I wasn’t a fan of their first two hits when they came out, but after I saw It Might Get Loud earlier this year, I sought out some deep tracks and really got into the White Stripes, and only 2 years after they broke up. You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)

    2. Gladys Knight and the Pips – Midnight Train to Georgia

    3. Since I already used Ball and Chain, let’s go with some Willie Nelson – Bubbles in My Beer.

    4. Hopefully the bottom has already dropped out. Citizen King – Better Days

    5. The Rolling Stone – Time is On My Side

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  3. thelastdakrat

    I’m late to this party, but I have a couple entries for number 1. These are my favorites for 2012. I think they’re the only two songs I can name that came out this year (I guess I need to start listening to the radio more before I sink into complete cultural obliviousness). I love these two anyway.

    Someone That I Used to Know – Gotye

    Call Me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen

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