Selective enforcement of the law: a sign of tyrannical government at work

TMZ has and exclusive in which they claim that NBC, when they had their request to show an ammunition clip that is banned in D.C., denied or unlcearly sanctioned by the D.C.P.D, went to the ATF, which then somehow gave them permission to show it anyway. I am smelling a rat and think that there are tons of things wrong with this story.

First and foremost, I hear from several other people that the ATF “permission” came after the fact, and then because of a WH push for it. I am also not sure how the Feds get to trump D.C. law, just like that. This is not a mix up: I smell some coercion and a lie here. My bet is that the DC police told NBC no when they asked. NBC, then called their buddies and told them the narrative would be better served if they could show it. The buddies the made the ATF call the D.C, police and told them to play along. The clip was shown before the permission was given.

What this then amounts to, even if they asked for, is selective enfrcement of the law. I wonder how many D.C. natives would be given the same courtesy that Greogry got?

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