Unbelievable stupidity

Massachusetts must have a legal provision in Romneycare that allows convicted murderers to extort the state’s tax payers for sex change operations. No, seriously:

A federal judge said today that he would award more than $700,000 in legal fees to the team of lawyers who represented Michelle Kosilek, the convicted murderer who sued the state for a sex change operation to treat her gender identity disorder.

Chief US District Judge Mark L. Wolf said from the bench in court in Boston that he recognized the cost to taxpayers, but he said the costs derived from a hard-fought lawsuit to preserve Kosilek’s constitutional rights.

Constitutional rights? Please point me to the article, in either the constitution or the bill of rights, that gives people, and especially convicted felons responsible for capital crimes, sex change operations at the expense of the tax payer. Whatever logic allows people to pretend sex change operations on other people’s dime is constitutional, basically leaves the door open to make anything and everything you want other people to pay for a constitutional right. No, the right to pursue happiness doesn’t translate in the either the need for equality of outcome for al or the fact that state can force others to pay for whatever crazy people want to pretend it will bring them happiness.

This example is just another unforeseen consequence of progressive think gone wrong. Since I can already see the usual line of attack from progressives, let me stress that I could give a rat’s ass if anyone wants a sex change. Heck if they wanted to have negroplasty or be turned into a dolphin, like the South park episode, I am game. Just don’t make the f-ing tax payer pay for that nonsense. Whatever you do on your dime and with your time, as long as it doesn’t impact the rights of others, is none of my business. My anger here is yet again about a system that forces the expense of every idiot’s whims on the people that produce, in the name of progress.

Shit, I have wanted to be a billionaire forever. Why can’t the state force others to give me that? Maybe if I kill someone and end up in jail I can get a team of lawyers to help sue the tax payers.

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