Hey Mr DJ: Ring of Power Edition

The Hobbit comes out in theaters next weekend. I’m a life-long fan of the book. No surprises there. Still, I’ll pass on seeing it in the theater. A night out at the movies is too much to spend for a story that I already know. And if I need to see awe-inspiring visuals of New Zealand’s natural wonders, I’ll ask CM to get a camera and email me some landscape shots or something. No, I can wait for this on Netflix.

I did enjoy the LOTR trilogy, even though there were a few changes that annoyed me. Nevertheless, I can always get into a great story, especially if it’s supported by great scenes and special effects (not eye-raping me with them, Mr. Lucas)

Let’s take this week’s DJ thread on an epic fantasy quest with dragons, space cowboys, magic items, nightmare creatures, beautiful princesses, and sorcery. I, Lord Thrill the Fell Lyricmancer of the Middle-West, have made my evil decree demanding:

1. All music with a fantasy or sci-fi element (ok, but not preferred) in the title, lyrics, sound, or video.  Myth, legend, fairy tales etc

2. Anything from any fantasy-type film or television soundtrack

3. By request, let us pay homage to the legendary, late Dave Brubeck.

4. You may undertake a solo quest and play your own off-topic selections…Know though that you’ll be totally DOOMED!

5. Music about nerd-dom.  Nerd persecution is permitted too, even though none of us will really be free until it ends, saith Gilbert.

Bilbo Ballad Bonus: A song that tells a whole story within 1-5.

Crom, aid me. Or not. In that case…TO HELL WITH YOU!

First up is the worst song on the topic I know of. Ever may it curse and trouble this unhappy world.

Next, a Brubeck tribute: That Old Black Magic

Who will dare challenge me with the dark ranks of my leftwing troll army and wicked MP3 spellbook? Lo! Perhaps these Brass Age Heroes of Yesterweek?

For pfluffy, Slayer of Minaj: Within You by David Bowie

For Santino, Champion of the North and Bearer of the Mithril Codpiece: The Crane Wife  by The Decemberists

For Mississippi Yankee, Commander of the Right from the King’s Hellhound Riders: Princess and the Frog by Jim Jones Revue

For Iconoclast, Paladin of the Holy Order of Van Halen’s Axe: FantasMic by Nightwish

For Biggie G, High Cleric of Darkened Souls: Paladin’s Last Stand by The Black Angels

The embedded video is your playlist.  I’ll update it as I can get to it.  I’m busy, being an evil overlord and all that.


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  1. Santino

    Apologies if I’ve repeated anyones posts (YouTube is blocked at work, but I can Google songs and copy the URLs, that’s how dedicated I am!).

    As Champion of the North I bring you some Canadian music.
    Rush 2112 (correct link added to playlist –Thrill)
    Aldo Nova – Fanatasy

    Queen – Flash

    Ultimate nerd!

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  2. Thrill *

    Updated through WVR. I’m impressed! I knew this thread was Metal-friendly, but you guys are kicking my ass. Brilliant!


    The Nimoy tune is only surpassed by Shatner’s Rocket Man.

    The Shat’s misses outweigh his hits, yes. But this is an awesome cover:

    Common People

    Icon, I got something you might like if you’re into the new age-y music. It’s from the old videogame Gemfire. I used to play hell out of it. Turned out to be pretty good music when Midori got a hold of it with some real instruments instead of the 8-bit stuff:

    Erin’s Theme



    Get ur geek on.

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  3. Iconoclast

    For the nerd/geek contingent…

    One of the best things I found about downloading and installing a Linux distro was a game called GL Tron — the GL refers to the open source Graphics Library that takes advantage of GPU acceleration (how’m I doin’ so far with the geekiness?), and the background music for this game was/is Revenge of the Cats…

    This post should peg the geek meter.

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    Savage Garden performing To The Moon & Back

    DaveD were you making fun of Mr. Nimoy? ‘Cause I drive a 1992 Buick Riviera, pearl white ;)

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    I was doing some really good mescaline the first time I heard the story of Oblio. Liked it so much I tried to re-name my dog Arrow, thankfully saner mind ruled the day,

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    Thrill, I like that Jim Jones Revue…a lot

    thelastdakrat, those two boys were great balladeers, Too bad they only did two albums/CDs.

    How about some space and Christmas?

    It’s actually a Christmas song sung an Irish singer named Lisa Lambe. But the first time I heard it, I also thought of Doctor Who. :D

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  7. pfluffy

    And that fiddle player makes my bathing suit area feel jumpy

    She looks like one of those girls trying real hard to look like Barbie. Cute, though.

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  8. pfluffy

    You aren’t kidding, Thrill. Those folks take their Raistlin very seriously. Makes me not feel so dorky watching “Countdown to Apocalypse” on History.

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  9. Mississippi Yankee

    She looks like one of those girls trying real hard to look like Barbie. Cute, though.

    Albeit a very talented one. Her name is Máiréad Nesbitt

    She has been a piano player since the age of four, and began playing the violin at age six.

    Does she affect your bathing suit area too?

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  10. Thrill *

    Ah, but Raistlin IS badass though. And the idiots who are saying he wasn’t really evil are fucking deluded. The guy would step on anybody to get what he wanted.

    Shit, I’m out-dorking them, aren’t I?

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  11. pfluffy

    Shit, I’m out-dorking them, aren’t I?

    Lol, just a little :).

    Does she affect your bathing suit area too?

    Sadly, no; I am not into pie. But nothing is dorkier than Pi

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  12. pfluffy

    O.M.G., Alex. That commercial is the funniest damn thing I’ve ever seen on TV, bar none. The exec that came up with that one should be made head of the agency. Dave and I sit and stare at its abject weirdness every time it comes on.

    I love Southern Comfort !!!

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  13. CM

    Smeagol Rock
    Troll Over Beethoven
    Every Rose Has Its Thorin
    Good Gollum Miss Molly
    Smaug On The Water
    Ring Of Shire
    Baggins the USSR
    Mordor On The Dancefloor
    Wake Me Up Before You Frodo

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  14. Thrill *


    Numenorean Rhapsody
    Mordor Love
    Balrog Blitz
    Rock the Khazad
    Don’t Fear the Ring-Bearer
    You’re So Dain
    Hungry Like a Warg
    Nazgul Love Triangle
    Cry Me a Rivendell
    I’m Like a Bard
    Man in the Boromir

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  15. CM

    Gandalf Style
    Black Magic Saruman
    It’s Raining Dwarves (Hallelijah wood)
    Moria’s Too Tight To Mention
    Black Riders On The Storm
    Weathertop With You

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  16. Thrill *

    Pelennor City
    Every Black Breath You Take
    Take a Palantir
    Amon-Sul Pie
    Smells Like Took Spirit
    Beorn in the USA
    You Dropped a Bombadil on Me

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  17. CM

    Mirkwood City Limits
    Aragorn Fuck You Up
    Rollin’ In The Helm’s Deep
    It’s The Ent Of The World (And I Feel Fine)
    (She’s Got) Legolas
    Heaven Is A Place On Middle-Earth
    Elven Better Than The Real Thing

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