One Headless Chicken Said To The Other…………

All this talk of the GOP and their rudderless ship, not having a coherent game plan, not being united or realistic in what they can get out of this grand bargain, OK, there is some truth in this. But just because Obama won the election does not mean that all his minions will fall in line and dance to his tune. Hubris and arrogance will only get you so far.

Trotting out Tiny Tim, replete with wish laundry list of demands, only starts the process, and if the foot soldiers don’t get on board, well, you got a problem.

Granted, this practice of placing legislation in bills totally unrelated is beyond smarmy, both sides do it and shame on all of them, but getting the dems to put up or shut up, is necessary. All the bloviating is wasted if you don’t have the votes. Senate Democrats are showing as much leadership as House Republicans, hiding under their desk is the only safe place to be;

It is not exactly a profile in courage. The Hill reports, “Senate Democratic centrists, whom Grover Norquist describes as the ‘hostages’ in the tax debate, are lying low and keeping quiet about competing proposals from President Obama and House GOP leaders. These centrists have declined to endorse Obama’s opening offer to raise taxes by $1.6 trillion, twice the size of the tax increase most of them voted for in July.” (They did vote against the president’s very similar budget plan — unanimously.)

Remember those historic, probably never to be repeated, Senate votes on the President’s budgets, 98 to zipperino? That’s loyalty for ya.

“To date, not a single Senate Democrat has come forward to endorse the President’s job-killing tax hike and bizarre request for a permanent authority to raise the debt ceiling whenever he wants for as much as he wants.”

Wish lists on both sides are just wasting everyone’s time and the folks back home are not fooled.

I agree that Boehner needs to cobble something together and I don’t mind him working behind the scenes, getting a feel for what the other side is adamant about and what they are willing to negotiate on. But within the next few weeks, right about Luau time {Let them eat drink cake piña coladas} We need a realistic House bill for Harry to look at.

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