Another “We are with the government, and we are here to help you” story

This article deals with the tragedy that befel a citizien that got some “help” from government. True, we are dealing with state level government in this case, but they are going to be the same kinds of people that will eventually be in charge of our new and improved government run healthcare. With this kind of help:

Two weeks after Hurricane Sandy, residents were allowed to return to gather their belongings. But when Maria arrived his home — and everything in it — was gone. All that was left was a plot of land. “I never saw anything like this in my life,” Maria said. “And when I took my wife here a week later, she was crying her eyes out in the street.” Maria said he immediately started making phone calls. “The township didn’t know what happened. I called the governor’s office and asked the assistant what happened. She said to me, ‘Are you sure your house is gone? ‘I said ‘Miss, you misplace your pen or pencil. You don’t misplace your house.'” A picture taken by a neighbor just after the storm shows Maria’s home had shifted off its foundation but it was still standing.

He said he was never told that his home would be demolished and all his possessions thrown away. “I just want to know where my house went, why was it removed, and why wasn’t I afforded the opportunity to get my personal belongings,” he said. Maria contacted the New Jersey Department of Transportation to find out what happened. He got a letter that states that “The DOT did not remove any structure that was not on the roadway… our objective… was to open the roadways.” But here is the problem, Maria said his home was not blocking a roadway and he said this picture proves it.

Who needs enemies? And yet, the left insists we allow government to not just make life and death decisions for us, but moral ones as well. What could go wrong with letting bored bureaucrats on power trips decided who wins and who loses, huh?

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