Are Americans going to be doing this soon, too?

As Obamacare ramps up and the left is hard at work pursuing their dream of having go options, the big money involved, and most importantly our choices and lifestyle, I think stories like this one need to be reflected upon:

(Reuters) – When Canadian house cleaner Marlene Trithardt needed a tooth replaced, she drove past her local dentist’s office in Alberta and flew to the beach paradise of Costa Rica – to save money. Trithardt is one of a growing number of North Americans who turn south for medical care lured by lower prices, contributing close to 0.8 percent of Costa Rica’s gross domestic product.

“I chose to come here because I find in Alberta the prices are about 80 percent higher than in Costa Rica,” says Trithardt, 57, who makes $30,000 a year. Her treatment will cost $4,000. But even including airfare, hotels and meals for two weeks, the total amount is lower than the $10,000 she said she was expecting to pay for the dental care alone in Canada.

In the bargain, Trithardt got to take a few days to visit Costa Rica’s national parks. Around 40,000 medical tourists visited Costa Rica last year, compared to 36,000 in 2010 and 30,000 in 2009. Most of them are American and Canadian, according to the country’s tourism institute, ICT.

If I remember correctly Egypt was also a popular place for Europeans that could afford it to go do their emergency medical procedures, cheaper than at home, and with a much shorter wait. Wonder how that’s looking now that Egypt has decided to go back to the way things were in the 15th century.

Anyway, the point here is simple: The only people that don’t suffer badly in the single payer system the left loves are the leaders and the few allowed to be rich or influential. Some are lucky enough to get the superior treatment at home,
some travel to where the influential get decent enough treatment compared to the serfs, and some, like the subjects in this article, travel to other places where government control hasn’t ruined medical treatment.

Having been to Costa Rica, I also need to point out that there is a sizable retirement community of Americans living like kings off their SS checks there, because the cost of living is so low. I might retire myself to Costa Rica if I ever get old enough to do that. I would not even have a problem making lake a bandit with the senioritas since I am fluent in Spanish.

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  1. Hal_10000

    Actually, a lot of Americans are doing this to, going to Eastern Europe and places like that for elective surgery to save money.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    It’s probably a dental implant. They can be costly and are not covered by insurance. It was probably more than one tooth.

    And here I thought that it was in the boonies of Maine that you could use the pick up line “That’ a purdy tooth there lady”, not Canada, but apparently they have some one toothed beauty queens up there too? :)

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  3. davidst

    If dentists could really charge that much, all the dentists on the planet would be going to Canada to start a practice. Something is fishy about this story.

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  4. CM

    She is stalkable

    Looks like it was more than just a case of “a tooth replaced”….

    Nov 2

    So nervous, I having bone grafting this morning and they aren’t putting me out for it! Anyone want to take my place? Lol!

    The place I am staying is a 5 star resort for dental and cosmetic surgery and they are awesome here! The people I have meet here are so nice and the dentists are top notch, way better than Canada!

    Nov 6:

    I must say life is a adventure here, travelling by myself, can’t speak the language and going without teeth now for a week. Lol!

    Nov 8:

    Back to the dentist today to get my teeth, hopefully I will be all done. Suppose to come back in 4 months for my permanent teeth but I sure do prefer Cancun over Costa Rica!

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    Looks like it was more than just a case of “a tooth replaced”….

    Way to completely sidestep the issue and actually make the opposite case than you intended to.

    Regardless of what the procedure was, the better option was to bail on the government provided care and find some backwater shithole country (which Costra Rica most certainly qualifies in most regards) and get it done there.

    If the utopian single payer system that Canadians dump a shitload of money into via taxes every year actually lived up to the hype, then this wouldn’t even be a consideration. However, Canadians have been lining up for a couple decades now to leave the country for what most American would consider routine surgery that can be scheduled in a few days or weeks, not months or years. And that doesn’t even get into the massive Canadian nursing shortage due to the fact that they can all come to the USA for a better paying job (we have a nursing shortage too, but nothing like Canada’s), or the decaying hospitals full of antique equipment.

    Canada’s medical program is actually used as a BAD EXAMPLE for the rest of the world to follow when considering socialized medicine (and even the Canadian’s know it, which is why it be being reformed as quickly as possible in much of the country), yet I never lack for finding idiots here in Seattle that wax poetic about it.

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  6. CM

    Way to completely sidestep the issue and actually make the opposite case than you intended to.

    Oh, I see. What case was I intending to make, oh wise and all-knowing one?

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  7. CM

    Costa Rica is certainly not “some shithole backwater country”

    It is when you’re just a grumpy old man.


    Oh, I see. What case was I intending to make, oh wise and all-knowing one?

    Come on, explain.

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