WTF? Yet again.

Hey Kimpost, do you know this crazy bitch?

A woman in western Sweden who was arrested after police found skeletons in her apartment has now been charged for using the bones as sex toys, a hobby she claimed was motivated by an interest in history.

Hobby? Model trains, comic book collecting, board games. That’s a hobby. Riding the bone baloney, not so much.

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  1. Kimpost

    Yep, that has topped our freak news the last week. My first thought was that she used thigh bones for penetration, but no, she’s not that kind of girl. She just enjoyed rubbing herself with the sculls. Oral fan, of sorts… :)

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  2. Thrill

    My first thought was that she used thigh bones for penetration

    Wow. Great minds…

    We probably should be ashamed of ourselves for automatically assuming the most graphic use of skeleton parts possible.

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  3. Dave D

    I always wondered where the term “getting boned” came from . Now I know…Sweden.

    Recalls a funny event: My brother married a young lady fresh off the boat from Riga. When he met her, one of their first dates she overheard someone in a club saying a sentence that included a dirty joke about a blowjob. She later asked my brother (in a heavy russian accent):

    “What is “smoke the bone?”

    I guess you had to be there?

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