Thanks for the votes…

Now bend over and take it real good:

Sorry, college students. President Obama has cut your access to Pell Grants by 33%; he just forgot to mention it before Election Day.

During the recent campaign, President Obama claimed credit for increasing funding to the Pell Grant program, which provides college funds, free from repayment, to millions of students. However, an email sent out Tuesday to some Dallas college students is revealing a detail the President forgot to mention: the time a student can receive a Pell Grant has been cut, by as much as three years. With Pell Grants for the fall semester now dispersed, colleges are informing students of their options, bringing the cuts to light.

The email, sent out by the Dallas County Community College District, informed students of the changes to the Pell Grant program. It revealed that the number of semesters a student could receive a Pell Grant had been cut from 18 semesters down to 12. It is a detail likely unknown to most students; in fact, the cut in grants has gone largely unreported by the media.


Not only did Obama not point out this was going to happen while lying about raising Pell grants; the LSM kept mum about it! Not true you say?

This cut in eligibility was never mentioned by President Obama during the campaign, and when he boasted about increasing funding to the Pell Grant program, CNN fact-checked his claim as true. While the amount of government funding to the program is going up in future years, CNN failed miserably by not pointing out the cuts in eligibility to students. The cuts could be a rude awakening to students who thought President Obama was expanding their educational opportunities.

It is almost as if the LSM was in on the fix for this guy……

But hey, there is no bias in the media. If the LSM did their job demcorats would automatically lose between 5 and 25% of their usual votes depending on location, and never again win any serious elections other than in the usual urban cesspools that all are doing so well because of decades of undesputed total democrat control.

Karma baby! Like I pointed out, the people hardest hit by the stupid from the left are those that were most eager to vote for these crooks. It’s a pitty those of us that knew better also have to suffer along with these morons.

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  1. Dave D

    My mind is calm. I have already convinced myself that the coming financial cliff and future dim view in a debt-ridden collectivist Euro-nightmare is not my fault. I have told my son, who is a struggling libertarian, that these are my views. Fuck ‘em all……

    Hell, Romney was an extreme COMPROMISE to the liberals and TOUGH to pull the lever for for most conservatives. An olive branch to the socialists. A (very) moderate Republican, but decent guy who would have behaved MUCH MORE like bHo that I wanted, and they, with their complicit media, tore him apart in a clusterfuck of populist class warfare. Fuck ‘em all…..

    The people of Detroit kept electing losers to run their city and got what they deserved. The US as a whole is doing the same. Fuck ‘em all…….

    My shining light on the hill is Governor Snyder of Michigan, who took over for a three time loser democrat that did nothing and wrecked this state. He has started the state back on the road to recovery. We’ll see how long before the liberals derail that.

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