About this time last year I did a post on a couple a guys messing with Target employees, all in good fun of course. Here’s one from this year, only on the flip side;

Getting between a shopper and a bargain, I expected more bloodshed.

I also wonder why Target always gets pranked. With all the self-flagellation over Walmart and their predatory practices, why not Jones them every once and a while.

And for those that stayed home this Black Friday {raising hand} here is what you missed over at a women’s underwear store. Now remember, this isn’t already worn underwear from a VS model (if that was the case, I could see getting all worked up) this is like new stuff. Nice roller derby flying elbow, all for a push up bra.

I love the Holidays.

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  1. richtaylor365 *

    Walmart is hugely successful, provides a service that millions of people want, employees thousands at better then average pay, has great prices, oh, and is non union, can’t get any more “predatory” than that.

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  2. Miguelito

    And for those that stayed home this Black Friday {raising hand}

    I do the bulk of my xmas shopping online now. Have for a couple years. I don’t put up with the crap at malls or other stores (I avoid Wal-Mart like the plague[*] because it’s always crowded and sucks) unless absolutely necessary.

    [*]at home (in San Diego). When on vacation in NH, the ones there aren’t nearly as bad.

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  3. repmom

    I’m glad you love the holidays, rich. :)

    A friend and I shopped a few stores at our local outlet mall on Black Friday. Great bargains at Carter’s for my precious granddaughter. No mobs like your VS video. Too crazy!

    We shop Wal-Mart regularly. Those of you who don’t are just snobs. (I say that jokingly. I’ve been in Wal-Marts all over Texas. Some are fine, others are totally disgusting. )

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  4. TxAg94

    Am I the only one who doesn’t find anything funny about the Target thing? I like a good practical joke but that’s just dumb. There are enough annoying assholes everywhere without someone pretending to be one. Actually, I guess he succeeded even though he thought he was being funny.

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