After healthcare, your savings, food, and security

I guess the best way to get everyone to want to keep around a failing government run Ponzi scheme, is to make any other kind of investment vehicle unattractive. Qeueue the idea that 401Ks should be taxed pre use. Not to mention that once government can raid them through taxes, they also find ways to justify doing what Europeans are talking about or doing to their private investment retirement vehicles – nationalizing these investment vehicles so the government can raid the big cash in them – with a lot more ease.

Just like with healthcare, if you make the system too top heavy, expensive, and unviable, you can get rid of it and have government run it all. It really isn’t a coincidence that they are going after these things. Between healthcare and private retirement vehicles, the government could grab control of trillions of new dollars. And after all, the plan is to control people through their access to this stuff. It is not a coincidence that they are also going after control of what you eat, either.

This is not accidental. And to make sure we all stay well behaved,
they are getting moar dronz! Luckily, some of us get what they are doing. If one was religious shit like this would frighten us. They are a cult.

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  1. Hal_10000

    I dunno about this. Seems like an industry panicking without any actual legislation to panic about. We’ve been hearing these sort of thing for 20 years and it’s never even been proposed, let alone enacted.

    This could come through the backdoor if TOTAL deductions are limited (right now, they’re saying $50 k). BUt that would only apply to a small segment of the populace. As it is, not enough people take advantage of the opportunity of 401k.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    Anyone not taking advantage of a company matched 401K has left serious money on the table. Even if it’s only a small sum you’re contributing the company match is ‘free damn money’. Hell it and IRA’s helped me retire early.

    If and when the G-men come for your retirement money (and your guns) it won’t be because of an act of congress. All it’s gonna take is a stroke of the imperial pen. Just look at how Mugabe did it.
    “History…repeats…” Y’all know the drill

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  3. Hal_10000

    I just got a chance to read an article in the Atlantic about this and it’s really really dumb. They don’t seem to understand that 401k’s DEFER taxes, not avoid them. Idiots.

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    That’s why a Roth IRA was so useful during low tax times. But pay as you go isn’t much of a financial principle anymore. Of course Obungler won’t be raising taxes on the middle class…

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