Wealth redistributionists hit a tough spot?

The heroes of our American left, and have no doubt that the left here wants to reshape our country to be like this imploding European socialist morass they admire, seem to have reached an impasse. They can’t figure out how to get more of other people’s money.

European Union leaders failed to agree on the 27 nation bloc’s next seven-year budget, replaying the clash between rich and poor countries that has stymied the response to the euro debt crisis.

National chiefs plan another summit early next year, when northern countries including Britain and Germany may have the upper hand in seeking to cut subsidies to lesser-developed southern and eastern economies clamoring for EU investment.

Translated to simple English, what we have here is the original wealth redistributionists split, with the haves pissed that they are being told to pony up even more to cover for the have-nots, after realizing that no matter how much they pony up, it will never be enough or change anything for the better. Evil rich Europeans and their greed!


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