Hagman, RIP

Larry Hagman has gone. If you want to see why he made Dallas a hit show instead of an absurdity, here’s some highlights.

Hagman got a liver transplant in 1995 and I was sure he wouldn’t last much longer. But he held on for another 17 years.


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  1. repmom says:

    What memories. :)

    He was so good at being the bad guy.

    He will be missed. And as I said, it will be interesting to see how they handle his death in the new Dallas series. And if it will last without him.

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  2. Seattle Outcast says:

    I’ve never understood the logic of giving a liver transplant to a notorious alcoholic, but if you’re rich enough common sense gets booted.

    By everything I’ve ever heard, he was pretty much the only reason to watch Dallas.

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