All Roads Lead To Obama

I was going to title this post, “All misery leads to Obama” but fair play dictates that he gets the praise if things go swimmingly in the next four years, but either way, he owns it all.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, the time where we all reflect, take stock of the cornucopia of good fortune in front of us, I’m feeling hard pressed to orate any litany of blessings. For the right thinkers here, a stink sandwich slathered in grief with a dollop of misery on the side that he got served a few weeks back is hardly grounds for doing jumping jacks. But me being the eternal optimist, the glass half full type, the shiny side of the penny revealed itself. Our current situation absolves me of any responsibility; my side can now sit back and be provided for, we can marvel at the alacrity at which the president and his crew rights this ship. From now on any degree of bad news, misfortune or pain can be laid directly at his doorstep, no hem hawing, no equivocating, this is his rodeo.

I have already started practicing this dodge to some degree, and I kinda like it. One of my tennis buddies complains about the price of balls, I quickly retort ,”Yeah, everything has gone up in price in the last four years”, someone complains about the cracks on the court ,”It’s a shame all that TARP money was wasted on bailing out foreign banks, who can say ‘shovel ready’?” or when the conversation turns to the demise of the Twinkie ,”Too bad Hostess was not too big to fail, if they were a bank, a car company, an oil or drug company, the government could just intervene, giving those poor workers the wages they deserve”.

And here in California, what with prop 30 and a Democratic super majority, I can just sit back and witness the miraculous transformation before my eyes, from crappy to ecstasy, happy days will be here in no time. Just like Obama in his first 2 years, they get unfettered unchallenged power, an Oligarchy to do any damn thing they want, courtesy of the voters, misery will be a thing of the past.

Thursday we will be travelling to my mother in laws for Thanksgiving. Although my father in law died a few years back (a self made millionaire who had a work ethic straighter then a California redwood, and a staunch conservative), my mother in law is the MSNBC type who hates the Jooos. She will be getting a double whammy come tax time, that whole roosting chicken thing. Although we are pretty good at steering things away from politics, this year the first time I hear ,”it’s all Bush’s fault”, I will reply in kind.

Over at Breitbart they have a nice playbook for those requiring some help with liberals over the holidays;

As a public service to our readers, and as a gesture towards civility in our national discourse, we offer the following how-to-guide for surviving Thanksgiving dinner at the home of your triumphant liberal relatives:

I like most of these but will focus my retorts mainly of the notion that finally those snooty rich folks will have to pay their fair share, and she definitely qualifies. I don’t think she has a clue what she has wrought wrt her blown up finances. I guess I could keep my mouth shut and let it be a surprise, but then the estate gets a massive haircut and the other kids are pissed off.

On Friday we will be having our own Thanksgiving and I will be barbecuing a turkey. Is anyone doing something fancy or unusual with their turkey this year? I slather my turkey in mayo (which burns off during cooking and seals the whole bird in for a juicy smoky flavor). Anyone deep frying their bird and what stuff do you put in your oil? I have a smoker and a few years back after brining the bird I smoked it, that was also pretty tasty.

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  1. Miguelito

    On Friday we will be having our own Thanksgiving and I will be barbecuing a turkey. Is anyone doing something fancy or unusual with their turkey this year?

    I don’t know about special, but my family get together is usually pretty big. If this year goes like that last few (and I”m sure it will) my dad will be doing not 1 but 2 turkeys on his massive BBQ (he’s got one of these monsters with all the bells and whistles, hooked up to the natural gas line) as well as smoking a huge ham at the same time.

    My family is never lacking for food, nor plenty of leftovers (the days after sandwiches are part of Thanksgiving).

    Sadly, I’m on a medically supervised fast/diet again and will be eating my little entrees and drinking shakes while everyone else chows down on the 7000+ calories they’re likely to eat.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee


    “I blame the bloggers, a bunch of drunks, hunting hoboes,guys getting shirts, linking to lesbian porno… eating BACON! Now they’re eating us”

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  3. West Virginia Rebel

    I’m thankful that Obama won’t have George W. Bush to kick around anymore, because he will have inherited his own messes. I’m also thankful that we do have Republican governors who have been doing good jobs, that we seem to be moving in a more libertarian direction as a society if the votes on gay marriage and pot are any indication, and that I don’t have to fly across the country to get free food from relatives on Thanksgiving.

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  4. Thrill

    We’re going to T-Day dinner with the in-laws. Mrs Thrill’s parents are good Reagan conservatives. Her brothers and their wives are more liberal, but they don’t talk politics much. Just sports. I hate sports. I’d rather have a good knife fight with an Obama voter. Maybe a duel with a turkey baster and meat thermometer to keep anyone from getting hurt would be okay too.

    Then on Friday, we’ll have dinner with my family. They’re all flaming liberals going back two generations from mine (I’m the outlier in my family but if you ever wondered why I’m so easygoing on the progressives here, now you know!). I will say that my grand-dad was a liberal when it was cool. He was very active in the civil rights movement back in the day (a gutsy move in an area as segregated as this was at the time).

    And God bless my mother, who knows nothing of supply-side economics but did teach me to be tolerant of others regardless of how they’re different from me. I grew up without even a shred of racial hostility, homophobia, or religious bigotry and that sense of unconditional acceptance has served me well in the friendships I’ve made. And too, my older sister, who has always forced me to defend what I believe the way only a sibling can. Any flamewar we’ve ever had here is downright cold compared to our screaming fights over Israel, Hurricane Katrina, etc.

    My boss said I could take off on Friday, but since our office is running a half day and all of the hourly employees have to show up, I decided to hang out for awhile and finish the annual employee reviews. Family time is something I don’t like to overdo (yeah, I’m a dick).

    So on the political side, I’m grateful that Obama only has four more years to damage this country and has to do it without the House on his side.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    So on the political side, I’m grateful that Obama only has four more years to damage this country and has to do it without the House on his side.

    Yeah, like Her Filthiness isn’t gonna slip right in behind him. Or would you prefer President Biden? (shit! now I have that taste in my mouth)

    And what will the right do? Well the female thing didn’t work for us in 2008, and the black thing didn’t work out in the primaries this year… maybe we can find us a latino. Yep, I can see it now.

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  6. Mississippi Yankee


    The point is… it doesn’t matter who! These idiots will just pick another “what” The establishment GOP has run out of ideas and the “pouty third party people” have their heads so far up their own asses they can’t even hear what the Tea Party has to offer.

    Judging the entire Tea Party on the actions of 2 misguided senate hopefuls in 3..2..1

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  7. Thrill

    Who can say? Events may yet validate what the Tea party has been warning America about for the past four years. I see no road map for the GOP to reclaim the WH until something alters the landscape, regardless of who we run.

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