Regressive Progressives

They say that one usually gets smarter with age. Broadening one’s horizons, walking a mile in many moccasins, and the sampling of myriad life lessons, all necessary in calibrating the societal compass, evening our keel, and providing perspective for the difficulties that living entails. But many times I feel I could live to be a hundred, and I still would not get a handle on how some people’s brains work (or doesn’t work). A good example was when confronted with the magic uterus theory of Todd Akin. To think that the zygote to be would break out the pepper spray, or that the traffic cop stationed at the end of the Fallopian tubes would reroute the approaching million sperm horde to the wrong tube automatically, knowing that the method of delivery was not honorable; Akin had to be goofing us, right?

For those that pride themselves on their ability to spot a goof on site, to delineate that which is given sincerely to that which is meant to ridicule or insult, I provide this for your perusal. I need help with this guy. Nobody can really believe the nonsense he is espousing, is he allegorically pulling my chain?

OK, in watching the video again I realized it must be a goof, no school board would ever relinquish power to a lowly parent, making him “diversity coordinator”, sure, they would not welcome any interference in running their fiefdom.

I’ll say one thing for this guy, he does have the progressive mindset down perfect. There is nothing on this planet, no societal issue, no human endeavor that cannot be shot through the prism of race. The vision of Dr. King, the goal of a color blind society where we are measured not be skin color but by character, what the hell was he smoking? The simplicity of it all; diversity equals success and progress, any erosion is due to a failure to adopt a progressive mindset, that and , oh yeah, racism. The only impediment facing any student from getting straight A’s and being a model student, cooperative and attentive, is the level of prejudice of the teacher.

The only thing that is important is the motivation behind any act. The actual outcome, the highway littered with dead bodies along the way, all irrelevant. Taking an exemplary school where students learn and test scores are high, throwing it into the diversity blender where now test scores are atrocious, students are assaulted, graffiti everywhere, metal detectors, routine pat downs, and a constant police presence, this is progress to these mentally defective idiots.

Too bad he did not teach tolerance to his daughter within the home, she would not need a cultural IQ primer. Too bad he is all talk anyway. If he really wanted to walk the walk, he would sell his house and move his whole family to the projects, like one of those Phili districts where 19 plus thousand people voted and not one vote was tallied for Romney, he could totally immerse his family in cultural diversity.

And what do you think of Jerome? Poor kid, he just needs a black teacher so he can relate. Pity any students in his class that is actually there to learn anything, what with his dancing antics and knifing his fellow students, at least the guy’s daughter will learn about first aid.

And what about the other parents and students of this once admirable school? If this school district is anything like mine, choice schools require choice property taxes to fund them, now they get the privilege of paying through the nose to get a crappy school that can’t even guarantee the kid’s safety, let alone a proper education. Wouldn’t the other parents in his school district want to beat this guy to a bloody pulp?

So the daughter gets pulled because his little experiment went horribly wrong, but not only will he not clean up the mess he made, but he is off to another school district to try again, maybe these teachers will be a bit less racist and more culturally aware. But his motives are pure, bless his heart.

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  1. richtaylor365 *

    It’s a goof. I looked at his blog, it appears he is a right leaner. I kinda feel foolish in retrospect, naming his daughter “Ashley” was a dead give away.

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  2. Shiftuser

    The book case never changes throughout 2 or 3 years? Really??? My books, and I have hundreds never stay in the exact same formation from month to month. Yeah its a spoof.

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  3. Kimpost

    The particular satire was well executed, but there was a hint of racism in it. In my opinion, of course. Anyway, I checked a couple of other of his videos.

    And according to his own words, he’s an “American nationalist”. He’s quite optimistic over the election, because “59% of our nation voted for Romney for president”.

    I call disgusting. But, the satire was still well done.

    EDIT: TheContrarian video was pretty telling as well. “His people”, “other people”.

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  4. balthazar

    Wow kim, imagine that, a lefty seeing racism. Color me suprised, or is that expression racist too, since I disagree with you?


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  5. Kimpost

    No, I call racist because that guy actively promotes nationalism. Instead of just disagreeing with me on principle you should check the blog out. He wants a white skin dominated America. “Not 100%, because that’s not realistic, but white dominated”.

    Slightly paraphrased, but no much. There’s a radio interview on the same page where he discusses how it’s unwise to be asking for “too much”. Too much being asking for a 100% white America. He’s not distancing himself from fucking supremacists in that regard, he just thinks that their goals are unrealistic.

    Let’s put it like this. You won’t see that guy raising his hand for granting Puerto Rico statehood. I don’t see comprehensive immigration reform coming from him either. ;)

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  6. TheContrarian

    mmm…I don’t know that he is racist.

    I saw a few of his other videos and he seems to be a cheerleader for traditional American values. That is, he endorses a particular culture, not a race.

    In one video he explicitly repudiates White supremacists and endorses nationalism as an ideology of self-determination for a people not a race.

    In another video comparing the Japan and Haiti earthquakes, he had ample opportunity to condemn Black people or even just hint at “inherent differences”, but he didn’t; he talked about the behavior of individuals in the two cultures.

    Is it possible that there is some racism in his heart? Sure. But I try to focus on arguments instead of armchair psychology. There are a number of virtues to traditional White American culture, and if we are going to encourage other groups to celebrate their cultures than why should he not have the same right?

    Candid conversation about the objective virtues and ills of particular cultures would do the world good.

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  7. Kimpost

    Did you miss the parts where he wants to stop immigration because immigration stops white Christians from having a country of their own? Something he thinks all people should have. He might not be a text book racist in the biological sense of the word, but he’s certainly a believer in keeping ethnicities separated (largely, because he doesn’t think that it needs to be 100%). Call it cultural racism if you like. Or just plain old European style nationalism.

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  8. Poosh

    A) I’m a nationalist.

    B) From a quick glance and listen to his videos they ALL seem to be satire and parodies in some form. Possibly even different characters he plays.

    EDIT: there’s a lot of videos there and Battlestar Galactica is more important than looking at them all.

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  9. Poosh

    Bought Season 3 gonna start it soon. Cannot believe the final epsiode of Season 2 the “one year later” thing completely threw me off course and my jaw dropped. So wonderfully done as well.

    And Adama’s moustache is awesome.

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  10. Poosh

    lol I didn’t think he was fat from what I can see, just “normal” – I think it’s just the fact that he’s .. let’s be honest he’s buff as f*ck, and it was shock seeing him like that. (I mean that as a heterosexual observation! The sight of him makes you run to the gym)

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