Hey Mr DJ: Betray Us Edition

It’s not the United States anyone wants to secede from.  People want to secede from Washington, DC and its sleaze and corruption.  They’d best remember where their loyalties lie.  The connected and powerful in DC are screwing each others wives on a scale not seen since Caligula forced the Senators’ wives to become whores to raise money for the state (an intriguing idea).  And then Elmo ended up with a flicker of a sex scandal.  WTF?  Hedonism, decadence, and arrogance are all the rage.

This week, some of our most viewed and debated posts were about the Washington DC sexcapades of Americas greatest post-9/11 general and the re-emergence of secession.  Hell, I even hated on the Constitution.  You all clearly love some hot, juicy betrayal and sexy rebels.

And so soon after our good and wholesome revival.  So this Friday, I’m callin’ yer cheatin’ hearts.   Here is your chance to cause a scandal.   Do it because it feels good and ignore the shame.  Let’s have some treacherous music of the following:

1. Sexual affairs: Cheating, two-timing, cuckolding, double-dealing, douche-bagging, and running off.

2. Any country music song from anyone, ever.

3. Music that can be considered treasonous, secessionist, separatist, seditious or even slightly anti-American (or anti-British, anti-Dutch, etc).

4. Anything by any band that split up in a bad way

5. You can even betray the theme itself by playing whatever the hell you want to.

Broadwell Bonus: A song bearing something along the lines of “Stay away from my man, you bitch”. Pissed off, jealous females. Yes. This is what I want.

The embedded video is the playlist.  I’ll add everyone’s selections as the day goes on.

Keep an eye on each other. Buncha no good, lyin’ dogs around here.

First up:

Your Cheatin’ Heart by Patsy Cline

Next, a tribute to those who carried it away last week.  And had sex with it. One for each of you, you heartbreakers:

Rebel Rouser by Duane Eddy (Mississippi Yankee)

Life During Wartime by The Talking Heads (CM)

Bizarre Love Triangle by New Order (working man)

Hoochie Woman by Tori Amos (thelastdakrat [Video won’t play as part of a playlist. You’ve been cheated.])

Baby Rock by Dead Sara (Santino)

Suck it and See by Arctic Monkeys (WVR)

I Used to Love Her (But I Had to Kill Her) by Guns N Roses (Harley)

She Was My Girl by Jerry Cantrell (pfluffy)

Infidelity! Secession! Treason! Smart-assed Petitions!

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  1. blameme

    Yeah – I went back to hair metal days and threw in a few pop songs for fun. Then some country per your request. :)

    Will see if I have anymore hair metal thoughts later on….

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  2. Thrill *

    Updated to Iconoclast. You guys are on point today!

    Your 80’s selections took me back, blameme, to when I was a naive young Thrill-ling who knew nothing of such things. Today, I still find those 80’s women’s fashions and hairstyles to be incredibly hot. Any chance of bringing that back, ladies? MOAR HAIRSPRAY! SCREW THE OZONE LAYER!!!111!!


    I’m So Bored with the USA
    by The Clash (yeah, yeah, not really treasonous when THEY sing it, being British and all, but mildly anti-American)

    Cold Hearted by Paula Abdul

    Cry, Cry, Cry by Johnny Cash

    Sad Songs and Waltzes by Cake (Not the original, I know, but respectable)

    Rebel, Rebel
    by David Bowie

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    Steel Panther is the most awesome shit ever. I’m suprised you didn’t throw Eatin’ Ain’t Cheatin’ in there.

    didnt see a video or it!

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  4. Shiftuser

    Lola- The Kinks
    Dude Looks Like a Lady- Aerosmith
    The Stroke-Billie Squire
    Killer Queen-Queen
    Club Tropicana-Wham
    P.A.S.S.I.O.N.-Rythm Syndicate
    Maggie May-Rod Stewart
    Sweet Dreams-Eurithmics
    Living After Midnight-Judas Priest
    Opportunities (lets make lots of money)-Pet Shop Boys
    Its Raining Men-The Weather Girls.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    Spent a good third of my life detesting Country & Western and now it’s in the majority on my MP3 player.

    I discovered this feller Gene Watson about 10 years ago (he might have been dead by then) but this guy knew heartbreak and lyrics.

    My favorite by him:
    Nothing Sure Looked Good on You

    The Truth is I Lied

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    To play off of your post yesterday about Hip Hop music and brain activity I’d like to show all y’all what life was like back when black guys could sing. Doo Wop is one of my bestest kind of music

    The Jarmes – A little Bit of Soap

    Jackie Wilson – Lonely Teardrops

    This sad, romantic ballad composed by Buddy Johnson in 1945 was recorded by Lenny Welch on the Cadence label in 1963, reaching number 3 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart.
    Lennie Welch – Since I Fell For You

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  7. Mississippi Yankee

    And for General Petraeus

    Secret Agent Man

    Thrill your wife’s pick got me thinking about Kenny Rogers. He started out with The New Christy Minstrels, and move to The First Edition before going solo. While with The First Edition he did-

    I Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Condition Was In

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  8. Mississippi Yankee

    Please stop me before I ‘post’ again


    “Saw a peanut stand
    Heard a rubber band
    I saw a needle
    That winked it’s eye
    But I think I will have
    Seen everything
    When I see
    An elephant fly “

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  10. pfluffy

    I am a bit late to the party, but we had a death in my family and I was in rural Missouri last week with no WiFi or cell coverage. It looks like I have a lot of music to listen to :).

    What a fun theme!

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  11. Santino

    Sorry to hear about your loss too pfluffy. It looks like we’re in for a few busy days in Atlanta this weekend. I’ll send you an email to see if we can somehow find some time to hook up.

    However, I’m glad you didn’t run off on us like Santino. He said he’d be back…

    Sorry dude! I was away on a boys weekend and Sunday was recovery day, and now work is getting in the way… You know how much I love these threads!!!!

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  12. pfluffy

    Thanks for the condolences. It was quite a funeral – US Marines and St. Louis Metro West fire department and practically a whole small town.

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