General Screw Ups

I have always supported the belief that with great power comes great responsibility. Authority conferred on those lucky enough to obtain it agree to comport themselves in a manner befitting the position, and those that fall short and abuse such authority get the wrath of the people dropped square on their heads. A fair and equitable bargain considering that they go in with their eyes wide open.

The military higher ups have taken a beating of late, some more salacious then criminal but all reflecting poorly on those that we expect better of;

When Defense Secretary Leon Panetta pointedly warned young troops last spring to mind their ways, he may have been lecturing the wrong audience.
The culture of military misconduct starts at the top.
At least five current and former U.S. generals at the rank of one-star or higher have been reprimanded or investigated for possible misconduct in the past two weeks — a startling run of embarrassment for a military whose stock among Americans rose so high during a decade of war that its leaders seemed almost untouchable.

When the bullets are flying we generally can forgive the drinking (Grant) or fits of depression and hysteria (Sherman) but these guys can’t use the fall back position of PTSD, with clear heads and resolute purpose, they decided to toss that military bearing and rectitude aside.

Banging reporters or getting jiggidy in sent emails has it’s own perils, but what I don’t understand is why Gen. Ward was not summarily fired. You can see the list of charges against him here. Theft, fraud, misuse of government property and personnel, a one star demotion seems less onerous then a rap on the knuckles with a ruler.

Asked about the possible demotion of a fellow four-star general, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno noted that losing a star could cost someone $1 million over the life of their retirement. No private would have to pay such a high cost, he said. Army Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey recommended to Panetta that Gen. William ‘Kip’ Ward be spared the demotion for lavish, unauthorized spending.

Sorry, pal, but that is horseshit. He knew exactly what he was doing and knew the ramifications if caught. I remember reading about an Army Col. who committed fraud over government contracts, she was booted out of the service and served some time, why is this General getting better treatment?

Many of the sins he committed are firing offenses in law enforcement agencies, things like doctoring travel claims, misuse of governmental property, abusing per deim, examples should be made, harsh examples of those in power that abuse that power. Proper justice requires the maximum penalties for those in authority. At the very least, after being cashiered out of the service he should be required to pay back every dime, that which was fraudulently obtained.

The command structure requires objective discipline for any transgressions, the common soldier (and us civilians back home who pay for the military through our tax dollars) needs to believe that the rule of law is still sacrosanct.

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  1. Thrill

    This is why I was wondering aloud a couple of weeks ago why we treat service as a senior military officer as something sacrosanct. Corruption is rife among the upper ranks. There’s lots more of this going on, guaranteed.

    Generals are political animals and the political class always protects its members. This is why seven SEALs get career-ending letters or reprimand for giving advice to a video game creator while Petraeus is allowed to resign and retire with full benefits. Nobody from the political class will be punished for Benghazi either.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    Hey Thrill, have you been following the sex scandal investigation going on at Lackland AFB?

    For those not familiar, Lackland is the basic training base for all Air Force recruits. There were several Drill Instructors who were preying on the female recruits (the ultimate abuse of power), some convicted of rape. This stink went all the way up the chain of command.

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  3. FPrefect89

    Don’t forget about the Air Force, back in the 90’s there was this uproar over a female officer and a male enlisted in a relationship, the officer pretty much got off scott free, where the enlisted got a big chicken dinner if I remember it correctly.

    I’ve got a nasty cold at the moment so I cannot find the story on that right now.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    Don’t forget about the Air Force, back in the 90′s there was this uproar over a female officer and a male enlisted in a relationship

    Ten years previously, when I was USAF puke with stripes, we had a married officer who’s husband was stationed in Greece for a year while she peddled around base looking hot as all hell. She wasn’t very subtle about how damned lonely/horny she was getting and one weekend afternoon she shows up in the barracks dayroom, in uniform, looking for the radio tech on duty that weekend to look at an F15 that had just landed with a “bad radio” and needed a tech in the next hour so it could take off on time.

    I knew that I was the ONLY guy still in the barracks that particular summer afternoon, so I volunteered to go look at the F15 and hold it over the other guy for concessions the next time weekend duty was handed out as he was under orders to not leave base that day. So, my and miss blonde hot officer head down to my barracks room so I can put on my work fatigues before I hit the flightline and she follows me into my room. I’ve got my shirt off and am unbuckling my belt before I realize that she’s in there with me and starting to unbutton her blouse.

    In a rare moment of self awareness of just how fucked I could get, and not just he fucking I was being offered, I got her out of room and put on my fatigues. By the time we arrived at the flightline 15 minutes later the F15 was miraculously fixed. The next weekend one the guys from the engine shop started banging her on a regular basis and when her husband returned from Greece four months later he was prosecuted & dishonorably discharged. She got her promotion on time right around then.

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  5. Seattle Outcast

    Not really, she was that damned hot and I’d been thinking about getting some of her for months. The only problem was the strings attached to it – I didn’t want to be the guy that was still banging her every day (and I wouldn’t have stopped with just fucking her once) when her husband returned without notice for a little weekend nookie. I don’t wear “jail” very well.

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