Obama’s 2nd term news

With the fiscal cliff looming, tax hikes in the wind, and Obamacare getting set to stick it to us all, things sure look great for us all. Looks like chances for getting a budget from our government in the second term look just like the first. Not gonna happen. But the fiscal cliff? Well, that one looks like it is a gimme. Jobless claims, UNEXPECTEDLY, and right after the election, are abysmally high. At least there is some Karmic justice going around. It is all Boosh’s fault! MOAR OF THIS PLEAZOR! Them is votes for the donkeys. Doesn’t matter that it’s their own insane policies that are behind this stuff.

At least everyone will soon have free healthcare! Then again, news like this, this, or even this – and funny how they blame weather, but ignore the dysfunctional Keynesian fiscal policies of the last 4 years, for inflation – sure sounds like there is some cost there. I heard the unemployment numbers where also blamed on Sandy. Evil Sandy! Is Sandy the new Boosh? Looks like we have a lot more of some of this back at home. At least we will have some leftard pining for the Russian way like another leftard, in an unguarded moment, pined for the Chicomm ways, not so long ago.

Hope ‘n Change!

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    I would suggest that anyone reading this post not be in the same room with a loaded weapon. Jesus, after clicking the links in your post I’m pretty sure I’ve developed suicidal tendencies.

    Add to it the anti-austerity riots in the Southern EU countries plus a Middle East that is about to go BOOM.
    Maybe if I smoke some Calgon ™ that will ‘take me away’…

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