President Remembers that He’s President; Holds Press Conference

He’s using the bully pulpit on tax increases for the wealthy.  Cannot hold back this tide, guys.

First question right out of the gate: Petraeus and confidential information compromised?

Consider this your open thread on the Presidential Press Conference.  God knows when we’ll see another, if at all.

Please, please, please let secession come up…


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  1. Thrill says:

    AAAAAAANNND we’re back to calling GOP Congressmen “hostage takers”. Welcome to the 2nd Term, same as the first.

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  2. Thrill says:

    Chuck Todd doubting that Obama didn’t know that Petraeus was banging everyone in sight. Obama stumbling like hell on this one. Throat going dry. I don’t believe him.

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  3. Thrill says:

    Heh, “I don’t expect the Republicans to like my budget.”

    His own party in Congress hated his last budget. Not one vote.

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  4. Thrill says:

    Why in the world would Obama meet with Romney? He’s been telling us for months that he was lying/wrong about all things budgetary. Romney is a private citizen. Go talk to Boehner.

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  5. TxAg94 says:

    Is it just me or were those questions written by the white house and handed out to the “reporters” beforehand to ask?

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  6. Seattle Outcast says:

    I think the more appropriate headline would be “Jarrett Remembers That Obama Needs To Still Pretend To Be The President; Orders Her Bitch To Hold A Fake Press Conference”…

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