F-U If you didn’t vote for us..

And, F-U if you voted for us too!

Ohio families receiving food stamps could get an unwelcome surprise come January: $50 less every month in assistance.

For the 869,000 households enrolled in the program for the poorest Ohioans, that could amount to about $520 million annually out of the grocery budgets.

I wonder why the takers in Ohio were not told that the gubbmint was gonna take away a good chunk of their cheese before the election. Of course, I am sure once they start making noise, they are going to get what they want anyway.

And lest you think this is done out of some belief that they need better fiscal discipline, take a look at this:

Because of the way the federal government calculates utility expenses for people receiving the benefit, a mild winter nationwide last year, and a lower price for natural gas, many families could experience a significant cut in aid, those familiar with the program say.

Recipients should get a letter from the state Department of Job and Family Services this month explaining the change, said Ben Johnson, a spokesman for the agency.

Now, one could make the argument that it was not the fault of the wealth redistributors that this is gonna happen, but that’s just missing the point: like so many other pieces of real bad news, the people that were affected didn’t find out about the bad news until after the election. Have no fear however takers. A fix is on the way!

The Rev. Steve Anthony, executive director of Toledo Area Ministries, said, “It will put a strain on all organizations that provide emergency food. We’re going to have to find alternatives. We can’t pull food or money out of thin air.”

That basically means they want government to hand out more freebees. The money to pay for that stuff will come out of thin air.

No, I am not reveling in other people’s misery here: I am pointing out that dependency on the government comes at a price. Especially after an election, as the politicians no longer feel too strongly that they need to actually do something to buy votes.

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  1. Hal_10000

    This is an automated calculation. Don’t see how it’s Obama’s *fault* per se. It’s just like the social security bullshit a few years ago when the COL calculation produced no increase in SS benefits. Naturally, the seniors screamed and both parties insta-caved.

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  2. AlexInCT *

    Did you notice I addressed that point about it not being Obama’s fault, Hal? This is not about whose fault it is but that this was not reported on until Team blue won. Like so many other pieces of bad news, this was kept under wraps until after the election. And now that they are writing about it, they are basically saying that government should fork over the money regardless.

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  3. TxAg94

    Fu** that, it IS OBama’s fault. He’s the PRESIDENT. He is in charge, and for an encore no less. I get it, it’s an automated system, blah, blah, blah. But if all sorts of shit can be George Bush’s fault almost 4 years after he left office then SOMETHING has go to be Obama’s fault while he’s the sitting president. So instead you want to trot out a computer or a program? Or is it the programmer’s fault? This infinite deflection of any sort of accountability for this president is what continues to anger me. The guy is completely and utterly coated in proverbial Teflon.

    Remember when even mediocre presidents at least feigned some accountability?

    Truman’s Little Sign

    You can bet your ass that anyone with an (R) by their name would be crucified for this and everything like it. I get tired of hearing that form pundits so I hate saying it myself. But I also realize it’s absolutely true.

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    You can bet your ass that anyone with an (R) by their name would be crucified for this and everything like it.

    And guess which “author” here would have led the charge.

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