FBI Better At Keeping CIA Director’s Affair Secret Than He Is

In my initial post on l’Affaire Petraeus, I expressed skepticism about whether there was something more sinister surrounding his resignation for broadening the well, if you will.  The timing, I did question, but I didn’t read much more into it than a guy getting stupid and certainly didn’t see or expect a Benghazi connection.

Well, here’s the twist: He didn’t get stupid and spill the beans.  The woman he was nailing did and went full bunny-boiler on another woman, which set off an FBI investigation.  USA Today reports that the FBI found Petraeus didn’t violate any confidentiality rules, though they did notify him of what they found out shortly before the election.  Or the political class is just protecting itself, as usual.   Either way, Petraeus now gets to do the Schwarzenegger to his family but he’s off the hook for any legal issues.

Is this a scandal?  I suppose so, but that was never in question.  It just further darkens Petraeus in my eyes, who didn’t come clean about what he had done and didn’t resign immediately when the jig was up.   Does the FBI deserve any criticism here?  I don’t think so.  Petraeus broke no laws, but I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when the agents got to explain to a sitting CIA director that they knew what he was up to. 

Obama?  Yeah, I’m sure he was aware of this before the election and he probably begged Petraeus to keep his mouth shut until after Super Tuesday.   I’m not sure where you go with it from here.  This will be just one of many scandals that I expect are already piling up within the Administration, given how undisciplined and opportunistic everyone in it is. 

Shit, if even Petraeus went bad…

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  1. Thrill *

    Oh, great. Eric Cantor knew about it too.

    Doug Heye said Cantor, a Republican, was tipped to the information by an FBI employee. The congressman had a conversation with the official, described as a whistle-blower, about the affair and national security concerns involved in the matter, he said.

    The New York Times reported Saturday that on October 31, Cantor’s chief of staff phoned the FBI to inform the agency about the call between the congressman and the FBI official. The Times reported that Cantor learned of the whistle-blower through Rep. Dave Reichert, R-Washington.

    I guess that takes Obama off the hook too.

    Read more: http://www.kmbc.com/news/national/Cantor-knew-of-Petraeus-matter-for-weeks/-/11664252/17362198/-/no2a8/-/index.html#ixzz2C1TTu8OZ

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  2. Hal_10000

    Matt Yglesis pointed out the contrast between how fast Congress wants to find out what happened with Petraeus with how slowly they’ve moved on everything else. The Obama executive power grabs have happened because they haven’t been *willing* to exercise control over the Administration (also this, unlike drones, involves juicy sex details and tearing down an idol).

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  3. Thrill *

    I don’t know if it’s that Congress wants the information more or is just having an easier time getting it. Keep in mind that the whistleblower approached Cantor directly. If anyone has spoken with Congress about Benghazi, we haven’t heard about it.

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  4. Thrill *

    Hopelessly decadent and corrupt out there in DC at all levels. I can’t even force myself to be shocked.

    The big giveaway that things are completely out of control for me was the Secret Service scandal. If that many agents from such an elite organization felt comfortable doing what they were doing, you can bet that their political bosses do far worse on a routine basis and they know it.

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