A Movie About The Other Fat Man

High praise indeed

As if Game Change was not revealing enough (love affair pointed one direction, antipathy and disgust the other) Hollywood, or should I say a Hollywood liberal, no difference really, is making a movie about a conservative icon, replete with femi nazism, the magic negro song, and one golden microphone:

Actor and outspoken liberal John Cusack is developing a movie about conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, Cusack’s production company said Friday.
The working title is “Rush,” Cusack’s New Crime Productions confirmed, offering no other details.
Hollywood director Betty Thomas, who’s set to work on the film, said the production company is putting finishing touches on a script that will star the actor. Production is set for next year, Thomas said.

John Cusack as Rush Limbaugh, that’s believable.

As Hollywood libs go, Cusack is rather lovable, and he has the guts to admit that Obama has come up wanting. Grosse Point Blank is one of my all time favorites, a hit man with a conscience ,”If you see me at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there”.

I can’t figure out who the target audience is. At least Game Change flowed from an election where their guy won, a victory lap movie, but who is going to go see this? I look at this as a Michael Moore POS (still can say I have never wasted my time on any of his drivel), conservatives know he will be portrayed negatively, and libs will only watch if he gets assassinated at the end, or at least a major focus on his divorces or medical problems, without real misery or suffering they have no interest.

Somehow I think this is going to be a Larry Flynt, part 2, but without the naked women……………boring.

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