She Won’t Haggle

I just read on Drudge that Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) won’t debate her challenger.

Ostensibly, it’s because her opponent has nothing substantive to say; but the truth is that Feinstein is doing it because she can’t possibly lose the election according to the polls. As we learned from Obama v Romney Debate I, these debates that we used to think are meaningless can be huge game-changers for a challenger that the electorate hasn’t gotten the chance to know yet.

I don’t have any admiration for Feinstein and you could blast her for arrogance, not wanting the voters to be informed, and all that. However, I do appreciate her ruthless cynicism.

When you consider that Obama barely holds press conferences, avoids going on hard news shows, and prefers to spend his time at celebrity-worshipping venues like The View; it becomes obvious why. It really does him no harm. If he had done the same thing to Romney that Feinstein is doing to Emken, he might be clearly ahead right now. And there would be nothing anybody to do to make him go.

I have to wonder at what point we’ll see an incumbent president do this too. It wouldn’t be a good thing, but there’s no doubt that incumbents have a lot to lose by having to answer questions.

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  1. TxAg94

    Orrin Hatch did the same thing. He knows he can’t lose so he shrugged off any debates. I think that should be illegal somehow. If you’re in power there should be some way for challengers to address you in person. Not doing so is abuse of power, in my opinion. It should be carefully outlined somehow or you’d do nothing but debates but that could be done easily.

    At any rate, the challenger here held a debate anyway and played clips of Hatch’s public statements in place of an actual Orrin Hatch. A lot of people panned it but I thought it was creative and effective. Don’t want to face the music, let the internet record speak for you.

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  2. Thrill *

    I didn’t know about Hatch. The challenger’s response was gold though.

    Making refusal to debate illegal? I can’t get on board with that. Refusing to debate is kind of low, I guess, but I can’t even see it as unethical much less unlawful. That’s a great debate topic though.

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  3. TxAg94

    Yeah, I struggle with the term illegal, too. I’m for less government so Ican’t very well be calling for ancillary laws. But I do think that challengers in a campaign are still part of your constituency. They are, perhaps, the most visible and motivate dof your constiuents. To essentially give them the finger and flout your position of power as the incumbent is not acceptable to me.

    I think the use of recorded statements in lieu of a willing debate candidate is a great way to go. I also think that, and the fact that the internet never forgets, is why we will start to see politicians even start to refuse to be recorded in any way. It already happens but I think we’ll see them start to create and enforce laws meant to shield them from their own record.

    I would love to see a challenger with the money to do one of those hologram things of an incumbent in a “debate”.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    Feinstein is, to me, a talking monkey (yeah, I’ll elaborate on that if you really want me to). That she keeps getting re-elected with such ease says more to me about the idiocy of the people that vote for her more than anything else. They DESERVE her.

    I just wish her particular brand of lunacy didn’t affect the rest of the nation. Perhaps a law the requires people running for office to have a basic understanding of reality would be a better avenue…

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  5. Thrill *

    Feinstein is, to me, a talking monkey (yeah, I’ll elaborate on that if you really want me to).

    You know, I’m the type of guy who can be told: “Not the red button! Don’t EVER push the red one!” And I will just punch it with gusto anyway, just because.

    You may fire when ready.

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  6. ilovecress

    is why we will start to see politicians even start to refuse to be recorded in any way

    You’re seeing some of that already – more and more media training outfits are teaching ‘non verbal techniques’ – basically using nods or shakes of the heads, or gestures to answer aquestion, so they can’t be on record.

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