Third Party Debate

If you turn to this page in the next hour or so, you might want to check out the Third Party Debate on C-SPAN. We’re 20 minutes in and it’s fun. Not because these guys aren’t full of shit (at least two are) or crazy (at least three are). But because they are actually saying things.

I’ll note that beside Gary Johnson, I have an affection for Virgil Goode. He was my Congressman for six years. He was one of the few Democrats who supported impeachment and I sent him a letter thanking him. He sent me a gracious response. Later, he became a Republican and then an independent. If you’ve ever seen him speak, you know he can quickly get off the reservation once he really gets going. But he’s always been independent. In a good way.

Update: The crowd cheering lines aren’t working for me. The Third Party debate in 2000 was far better without a crowd.

Update: Oh, and Larry King is a terrible moderator. Ugh.

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  1. working_man

    a rousing comment section. I managed to see a couple of minutes of this here and there. Wow…I always thought more than 2 parties would be an improvement….now, I am not so sure. Oh, and Gary Johnson’s final statement? “Waste your vote on me”

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