The Grinch Comes Early This Year

SO, what kind of crazy ass town do you line in?

A Seattle school has banned students from celebrating a new holiday this year: Halloween.

Lafayette Elementary School has decided to not allow students to dress up in costume for Halloween this year.

Lovely, more PC invoked nanny stating, proving once again that when you have too many bosses (what school district is not top heavy in over paid under brained administrators who spend all day trying to justify their position by thinking up more bullshit rules?) bad things will follow.

The decision was first reported by the district (Seattle Public Schools) as being a preventative measure in the event that Halloween costumes could offend and upset students who come from other cultures.

{Palm slap to head} Are they having a run on Muhammad costumes? How many little trick or treaters dress up as Rabbi’s, what the hell are they talking about? Halloween is for the kids you sour pusses, is this some misdirection underhanded ploy to diet grab, get them off candy and into veggies?

Another weasily rejoinder, they only have half a day, which btw is another one of those teacher perks, half days under the guise of catching up on their work, so what little time is left for teaching is not to be wasted on costume changing into.

Funny, before this Draconian step I would figure the busy bodies would regulate costumes, specifically no gender oriented garb, no Superman, no Wonder-woman, only asexual stuff, a potted plant, a fern, an amoebae (I guess zombies would be OK, as long as there is no cleavage, generic only).

Yeah, parents will still take their kids out trickortreating in the evening, that is when the real loot is scored, but having special dress up days at school has been going on like forever, Halloween (and secular Christmas of course) is kids oriented, why don’t these school administrators busy themselves with a bake sale, or a car wash, keeps your mits off Halloween.

And once again, like clockwork, there is yet another ballot initiative next month, where they just can’t do with all the money flowing their way, more tax and bond money for education, for the kids, Bah Humbug.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    A retired buddy of mine, that left for places far more redneck and fully armed than this town, and I were discussing what a pansy-ass place Seattle is this morning. His conclusion was that there were too many fucking Marxist wandering around Seattle proper, and an excess of overpaid leftists that didn’t understand economics worth shit, but were quite happy buying $5 coffee all day long and driving a new Lexus every year (simply put, if you can’t figure out “The Wealth of Nations”, give it up already, you don’t deserve to have money in your pocket).

    My version of what ails Seattle is that there are too many annoying soccer moms out there and all their kids are growing up to be worthless little pussies that think soccer is something played by anything other than 3rd-world losers that can’t afford anything other than a silly little ball to play with. No hunting, no fishing, the martial arts schools are all about “self-esteem” and getting belts for attendance, kids don’t have pocket knives, and boxing is almost unheard of on this side of the mountains. Nearly all of them could do with spending a year on a working farm or ranch, banned from access to their electronic toys and their “organic produce” obsessed helicopter parents.

    Seattle is a city of excessively PC pussies run by unshaved, ugly, overweight, lesbian-wannabe Marxists uber-bitches, and the castrated “men” that submit to them and ride bikes in the winter to prove what eviro-warriors they are. Come on over and nuke the fucking place, you’ll be doing the world a much needed favor.

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  2. swassociates

    November 2nd the moving truck will leave my (former) Seattle address and I will put this shithole in my rear view mirror. There will be nothing but two rubber tracks leaving my driveway. This place has been rapidly declining and that decline has accelerated with Mike McGinn as mayor. Will the last person leaving please shut off the Eco friendly twisty light bulb and drop it off at the recycle center in your reusable cloth bag.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    This is the same kind of nonsense that goes on routinely where I live, I posted this mostly to reinforce the old adage that misery loves company.

    The only difference between Seattle and S.F. Bay Area is that we have better weather. No, I don’t live in SF (I would rather bathe in a Bangledeshi sewer, hit on the daughter on an Imam in AQ country, or share a meal with Michelle) but the Bermuda triangle of SF/Berkeley/Oakland emits a low frequency beacon that only leftists can hear, so I am surrounded.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    This place has been rapidly declining and that decline has accelerated with Mike McGinn as mayor.

    And I thought the previous mayors were a fucking joke. And as people, not just mayors. Makes me glad the wife and I moved to the suburbs 7 years ago so we can point and laugh at Seattle for electing that total fucking clown.

    Seattle’s last chance to fix what was wrong with the mayor’s office was Mark Sidrian, who would have put his boot up the ass of the city council (which is even more a joke and on-going clown show than the mayor’s office) and possibly put an end to the unending bullshit that rules Seattle politics.

    Right now the only hope is for Seattle to get rid of electing council members at large and for McGinn to server as such a bad example of what they’ve been doing wrong for 20+ years that they actually elect a mayor that isn’t a complete pussy.

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  5. TheContrarian

    This reminds me of this:

    The whole “culture not a costume” thing reminded me of what Stephen Fry said about offended people.

    You don’t have a right to not be offended. You DO have a right to complain if you want, but everyone else has the right to ignore you or tell you to kindly fuck off.

    Dressing up as a geisha is not some dig at Asian cultures. People do it to have fun and unwind. America is a diverse country, and a first step on the path to assimilation is to have a sense of humor about your culture. What people do in their leisure time for fun is hardly worthy of serious protest provided they aren’t hurting anyone. In fact I’d argue that anyone who would take the time to actually do the makeup and dress as a geisha, is likely someone VERY interested in Asian culture.

    Sure there are costumes that mock. There are costumes that are intentionally offensive, like SS uniforms and such. However even that ought to be pretty low on the list of issues for the perpetually outraged. You’d think there were no other serious issues in the world to invest time in solving. Getting pissed about Halloween costumes is just asinine, and it’s even more so when it’s done by the sort of edgy twenty-somethings who wouldn’t bat an eye at a costume making fun of Catholic priests or republicans.

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    This place has been rapidly declining and that decline has accelerated with Mike McGinn as mayor.

    Did not the larger than life sized statue of Lenin downtown tip you off?

    The Statue of Lenin in Seattle is a 16 foot (5 m) bronze sculpture of Bolshevik Russian Communist revolutionary Vladimir Lenin located in the Fremont neighborhood.

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  7. Seattle Outcast

    Fremont is hipster douchebag central, worse even than Capitol Hill for pretentious assholes that think too highly of themselves for merely existing and having an ugly tattoo. At least the freaks that roam Capitol Hill bathe on a regular basis.

    I’m pretty sure they think of themselves as “alternative lifestyles” that aren’t beholden to convention, but the rest of the world has pretty much written them off as losers. Getting that statue of Lenin several years ago wasn’t an accident – the unwashed masses of Fremont pretty much think that the rest of the world owes them a lifestyle of their choosing, complete with free housing, food, tattoos, car, bike, skateboard, yo-yo, hackey sack, and weed.

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  8. hist_ed

    Jehovah’s Witnesses and a few other Christian denominations object to Halloween-don’t think it’s the Muslims this time.

    My son’s elementary (big suburban district-think Microsoft) allows costumes, but they aren’t Halloween costumes, they are “Harvest Festival” costumes.

    Another weasily rejoinder, they only have half a day, which btw is another one of those teacher perks, half days under the guise of catching up on their work, so what little time is left for teaching is not to be wasted on costume changing into.

    Most districts in Washington have one early release day a week. When these policies started, they were billed to voters and parents as time for teachers to collaborate and develop curriculum. That almost never happens. In my district about 20% are teacher time (we get to do what we want-mostly these fall before grade deadlines, so we are busy grading stuff). 25% are building directed (my principal has us in a meeting and we learn about shit we will never use or take surveys about how we feel and all lie because we know they can figure out who’s who in these anonymous surveys). 25% are for departments (during which we spend all our time digging up statistics to write lengthy reports about kids’ scores that no one will read) and the final 25% are for district mandated trainings (we saw one video about sexual harassment that warned us that putting students in wet T-shirt contests was not ok). We get three afternoons a year to work on setting personal goals and meeting in teacher teams to discuss them and how we are implementing them.

    Most teachers I know love the teachers days and hate the rest. I think we’d gladly give them all up if we could. Its the administration that loves them because they can shove shit down our throat and cover their asses about the wet T-shirt contests.

    And yeah, Seattle is a little outside the reality curve. Every year we get a few new teachers (a lot this year). I do love the look on their faces when I talk about hunting or my annual “Guess the critter chilli” One year I had some mountain lion in the chilli-boy do the silly Seattle livin’ teacher libs think I’m Satan when I bring that up.

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  9. Section8

    Jehovah’s Witnesses and a few other Christian denominations object to Halloween-don’t think it’s the Muslims this time.

    I find it odd Jehovah’s Witnesses would object to Halloween given their penchant for going house to house knocking on doors.

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  10. hist_ed

    S8, it’s all sky pixies, magic underwear, cargo cults and ritual cannibalism to this atheist. All are wacky. As long as they don’t try to impose their wackiness on me, I’m happy to let ‘em party down with the magic sky captain however they want.

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