That Ben Gazey Guy Needs A Better Agent

More fun with Democrats being dumber then a box of bidens:

I would like to think that all these Forrest Gumps won’t turn out and vote but this is a campaign event, maybe they are just there to ditch class and pick up chicks (a box of Krispy Kremes might do it), but I sense some evil Hope and Change afoot.

Jimmy Kimmel knows what I’m talking about.

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  1. Section8

    Jesus, he wasn’t even leading them on with the direction to which he wanted them to answer, or a trick phrase to get one say yes when they were really intending to say no kind of question. It was just a flat out question. Nice to know our “intellectual” crowd has things covered.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    If people like Andrew Zinn hadn’t re-written our history books these ‘chillen’ would know how the election turns out

    History…repeats… y’all know the drill

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