Living With The Enemy

I admire the effort, really, but what common grown is there with people that want different things, that envisions an America totally different from you, that blames America for the world’s ills, and sees progress where you see demise? Hollywood loves a happy ending, but sadly, we are beyond getting along:

A couple things right off the bat, does anybody really think that Sean Penn would shed a tear for the military? I don’t. An initial reaction of ,”The chickens have come home to roost”, followed by ,”Those baby killers need to stop being imperialists and quit invading other countries”. He would see it as a good thing that we get knocked down a few pegs, to be humbled before the world would boost their self esteem and make for a happier playground. Did you notice the face of disgust he made when Kid said ,”Believe that you live in the greatest country in the world”?

So Kid makes a major sacrifice and buys one of those dopey green cars and all Penn can do is drink a beer? Not much quid pro quo if you ask me. Let him see the inside of a church, sit him down with Milton Friedman youtube videos, let him actually talk with a job creator, get him to actually take an economics course, oh, and show him the line on his income tax return where he can pledge more money to pay in income taxes, “What is your fair share there, big guy?”

The shotgun on the bike rack, where is your rifle, Holmes?

To tell you the truth, I don’t see the peace pipe ever getting fired up. If Chicago Moses could not bridge the divide and unite us all as one people, what hope does a mere mortal have? We want different things, our very definitions are different (we view diversity as having different points of view, they view it only as having different points of pigment color). We want government out of our daily lives to function only on the periphery, they want it in your face and on your dinner table. We want America to be that shining city on the hill standing as a force for good in the world, they want us in a condo along with everyone else, one cog among many. We want to be the captain of our own destiny and will risk failure to obtain fortune, they require an overseer to make the decisions, all provided for out of collective, much safer this way.

I will give Penn credit where it is due, I give him props for his charitable work in Haiti, and anyone that can bag Scarlett Johansson on a regular basis deserves a boatload of man ups.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    I believe it took an awful lot of patriotism for these two Americans to make this video. And giving the left credit for anything has never been easy for me.

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