No Dope

OK, I’m convinced.

Hero worship is tough on us mere mortals, especially when said hero is just a cheat. I had held out hope, probably longer then most, because I wanted to believe and I needed my faith validated. But yesterday the hammer fell on Lance Armstrong. I had thought he gave up to easily, his reputation was everything, now I know why. I don’t bike but I knew his story, few people that I know could “out stud” Lance. To Dominate the most grueling sporting event ever, and he was American, he was THE MAN. So now I’m bummed. I’ll get over it, putting your faith in flesh and blood humans is always risky, I get that.

I know there are a few bike enthusiasts here (you guys better be clean) and since I respect any athletic endeavor, check this out, (The sequences around the 3:10 mark is just insane):

Taking a big bite out of life, rock on.

You guys are studs, keep it up.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Did he “cheat”? Sure – ALL of them have. That’s the nature of these grueling bike tournaments.

    Did they prove their case? Not in the slightest. No positive test result, no proof. Sorry, but the “testimony” of his busted fellow bikers is nothing more than hearsay.

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  2. grady

    I keep going back to the fact that he never had a positive test. The most tested athlete in the course of the 7 years he won the tour and they never got him. The top riders are tested almost every day of the tour and the top rider (yellow jersey guy) is always tested. The positive tests that had been reported were all proven false with the “B” samples (the urine/blood submitted is divided into “A” and “B” samples in case there is a positive test, they can verify it). How can the folks that run this sport have been that far off?

    Then you see the testimony from so many people that were close to him about what he was doing. I have not read the testimony yet, but it is said to be consistent. Can that many people really be under the coercion of the investigators? The first couple of claims came from folks that were looking at charges themselves. It’s hard to believe that this large a number of folks would lie in the same manner.

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  3. mrblume

    No positive test result, no proof. Sorry, but the “testimony” of his busted fellow bikers is nothing more than hearsay.

    This very wise guiding principle should really be introduced into the US criminal justice system.

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