More Water

White guilt will never go out of style in Hollywood:

Not quite sure what “it” is, the only thing growing the last four years was the misery index. Do they want the debt to keep growing, the ever increasing poverty rate, the unemployment/food stamp rate, the price of gas, or the security level at Benghazi? They probably just mean that happy feeling although there isn’t much happiness outside of their little bubble world.

Some big production, a half dead chive plant, they all probably thought it was weed.

All these 1 percenters, the budget needs to be balanced off the backs of these folks, they need to suffer a bit more.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Maybe they mean “blind trust in a Marxist asswipe”….?

    How’s that Hopey McChangey thing working out for you? Yeah, me neither….

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    I thought they were saying ‘groin’. But in my defense, I haven’t seen that many attractive liberal women all together in my life.

    Kudos to the producer. Bet he went through a lot of Maddows, Rosie Os and Behers before he cat these.

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