Still in Denial

If nothing else, politics needs to be fun and the guy that is having the most fun lately is John Sununu. John is the guy they send to all the Obama bedrooms, all the places run by his sycophants, his supporters, and his apologists, places like CNN and MSNBC. If you Google Sununu/Obrien you can find half a dozen interviews where Sununu goes on her silly show and exposes her over and over for the Obama blinders. He is good at it because he likes to mix it up, and really, exposing MSM bias and hypocricy is as easy as breathing.

One of the best shows in the 90’s was Crossfire, folks like Robert Novak, Tony Snow, and Mary Matlin made a good living there, but I always liked Sununu in that format, he articulated the conservative position very well.

One of the biggest (and most annoying) pom pom girls for Obama is Andrea Mitchell, here is Sununu on her show this morning:

Does this not encapsulate the messianic sway he has over the MSM, the total devotion to worship at his alter? How dare any mortal call their savior lazy, she was just gobsmacked, flummoxed, and paralyzed with incredulity. And Sununu is snickering the entire time, talk about tilt.

Considering that everything he said was apparent for anyone that actually watched the debate, maybe she didn’t, after all, when the smartest man in the room debates one who isn’t, shouldn’t the outcome be obvious? Why bother to watch at all?

Naturally I would expect the president to put lipstick on this pig and parade it around as desirable, hence the silly Elmo jokes. He could brake wind at these gatherings and his fawning supporters would think they were born again.

But that dopey global warming reject had the best excuse, thin air, yeah, that’s the ticket…..teehee !!!!

Another reason why I’m glad I’m not on their side, to be so adoringly in love with a politician to the point that I actually believe in Hope and Change, then when he brings “nothing” to an “everything ” fight {A Greg Gutfeld line} and gets mauled beyond recognition, I don’t have to pinch myself to wake up, to challenge all laws of physics or think I was abducted by aliens. Man, their lives really must suck today.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    1) Sununu is much smarter than most of these people even think that they are, which is much smarter than they are in reality

    2) They finally just saw what rest of us figured out immediately when we saw/heard our Teleprompter President

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  2. Hal_10000

    I think Megan Mcardle hit the nail on the head with her commentary: Obama lives in a bubble of these people. It’s why he had such a lousy debate; it’s why he couldn’t negotiate effectively with Republicans; he’s not used to being challenged.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    Do you think the Republicans following a policy of intransigence was a major factor?

    And the excuse for his first two democrat controlled years in office was….

    Obfuscate for us my mendacious liege lord.

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  4. CM

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  5. hist_ed

    At your service….it was 4 months, not 2 years.

    Your link ain’t workin’ for me.

    Kinda assuming you are referring to Democrats only having 59 seats in the senate right?

    I gotta say, I am a little sick of this talking point. Plenty of presidents have gotten their policies enacted with smaller majorities. I don’t want to look it up, but maybe someone will tell us how long previous to then that a party held 60 seats in the Senate.

    If the greatest orator and political operator since Cicero couldn’t convince Olympia Snow to vote with his party to close debate on something (she wouldn’t even have to vote for the legislation), then he fucking sucks as a politician.

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  6. hist_ed

    It was controlled by the Democrats (and still is albeit with a reduce majority). And though I am not going to look up a few sample votes, yes the Democrats were pretty much in lockstep on major issues. Every Democratic senator voted for Obama care for example. The majority of them support Harry Reid’s cunning plan of avoiding the law and not producing budgets.

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