Mother Jones and Guns

Mother Jones just published an “investigation” of mass shootings and came to the conclusion that they are rising as gun ownership rises. I look at it here. Long story short: it’s complete bullshit. The tell is that they are drawing conclusions about civilian ownership of guns — but include the Fort Hood incident, which involved a military man committing an act of terrorism on a military base.

And they say conservative distort reality.

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  1. hist_ed

    Read you thing. I am, of course, not siding with Mother Jones on gun control, but I have a minor quibble: The weapon used at Fort Hood was not a military weapon. Hassan did not buy it using some sort of military gun license (which doesn’t exist). I am not even sure this means that the shooting should be included, just thought I would point it out.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    I think I’ve been linked to Mother Jones about twice when looking up a story, and both times I was torn between laughing my ass off at their story, and utter disgust that this is what passes for “journalism” amongst the left any more. You can go to Fark and see just how often that site is linked to, and it’s frequently a “reliable” reference point amongst CM-type delusional twits that “argue” a point to death, even after it’s been debunked thoroughly.

    I’ve written it off as a neo-Marxist opinion site loaded with faulty data and even worse data analysis.

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  3. CM

    Nice to see my leg was still being humped while I was away on vacation. Thanks for keeping it warm. I’ve never even read anything at that site, aside the 47% scoop, let along referenced it. But hey, let’s chuck it in the FACT drawer with everything else, it might come in handy later ;-)

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    Don’t take it so hard – if you’d actually had the reading comprehension of a 4th grader you’d have realized that you’ve been elevated to the position of a reference point for libtard trolls…

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