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A great response to Samuel L. Jackson moronic video (NSFW):

There is so much more we could get into: the War on Drugs, debt, the economy, debt, Obamacare, debt, regulations, debt. But this really has to hit home with the supposed Left. The One has ramped up drone strikes, warrantless wiretaps and detention — the things they excoriated Bush for.

Wake the fuck up, indeed.

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  1. Dave D

    I’d like to think there is a special place in hell for those dimwitted people of musical/big screen/literary fame who use their pop-power to maintain the status quo and/or to further enslave our children. All of this to satisfy their own present desire to be hip and/or to force whatever the flavor of the day values are that they hold. Just “shut the fuck up”, keep performing your little craft and let the grown ups decide what’s best for you.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    Although it’s probably not politically correct in this case all I really want from any “artiste” is to Dance Monkey Dance.
    Izzat too much to axe for?

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  3. Section8

    I do know Samuel’s beef with Obama, along with many of his ankle-grabbing white leftist supporters, was that he wasn’t an angry enough black man. Link You know, Obama should be more angry, the angry blank man. Of course this is called “niggarization” by some pundits over at CNBC when any non leftists points this out and condemns the idea. Anyhow I guess he’s trying that angry black man thing the left want to see more in Obama so much. What is interesting in his video didn’t he yell at that kid punk for calling Obama just another politician? Sam would agree in reality. That’s also in the story in the link above.

    Anyhow, I like how pretty much the whole video was based on the goodies mean old Mitt would take away, and who says the Dems entire existence isn’t about making more and more people dependent on governmen?. It’s a business in the government, and any forced tax payer business will always make sure there is a crisis so that it can survive. Just like the Military Industrial Complex, the starving welfare people complex is the same thing. Now cellphones have become necessary for survival. They are handing out Obamaphones all over the place now. Why? Since when is it even remotely concluded that a cellphone is a necessity?

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    Since when is it even remotely concluded that a cellphone is a necessity?

    To call the bank to see if the welfare/disability check has been direct-deposited (without liens) and to check the balance on their EBT card.
    Whatdaya live under a rock?

    A Fone in eberry Poke

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