The Chickens At Chick-Fil-A

Rolling over liked whipped dogs, abdicating all moral authority, prostituting yourself out for a few sheckles, pandering to a mob, throwing all your supporters under the bus and showing your true colors as a feckless spineless weenie, that should about cover it.

Chick-fil-a has gone to the dark side, it has abandoned its principals, all for the sake of opening up one lousy store in Chicago:

Chick-fil-A stopped funding traditional-marriage groups in an effort to open a new Chicago restaurant, but the company initially kept quiet about the decision, prompting gay rights groups to speculate that the company feared a backlash from conservative customers.
The Christian-rooted fast food restaurant agreed to stop funding groups such as Focus on the Family that oppose same-sex marriage in a meeting with the Chicago politician who had been blocking the company’s move there.

They sold their soul pretty cheap. All the support they garnered with their Appreciation day (setting a one day sales record) has just been pissed away because they sacrificed free speech on the alter of tolerance and progressivism, too bad.

The left will see this as a victory, a cry for equality and compassion was heard, they thought this was a gay thing and missed the real significance, a diminution of civil liberties. Yes, the owner is complicit in this diminution, by way of an attempt to placate the mob, but seriously, these people would never eat at a Chic-fil-a anyway, what the hell was he thinking?

A Christian man decides to open up a chain of restaurants and becomes real successful at it. He provides a service that people want so he grows his business. From the outset he made it crystal clear that all people were welcome, that all people could work for him, and that all people had a shot at management if they so desired. Along with the trappings of wealth comes a chance to make a difference, and since philanthropy and giving back is the cornerstone of Christianity, he created a foundation whereby money could be given to various charities and causes. One of those causes was Focus on the Family. Without putting them on trial here (we have already hashed out their positions on various social matters in other threads) the bottom line is that he felt they were doing good regarding the positions he holds and wanted them (along with many other organizations) to benefit from his good fortune.

The people that supported him did so mainly because he has a right to donate his money wherever he wants. I’m sure many agreed with his leanings and supported him from that position alone. For myself, I figure gay marriage will be fact of life in the near future, I won’t work towards that end but won’t actively oppose it either, and it in no way affects my faith or insults my conscience. But again, I never thought this was a gay issue anyway, it is about free speech and the free expression.

Never getting real excited about boycotts anyway, this “caving in” is disappointing, but will not affect my dinner plans. But those execs that made this decision better understand that they insulted a lot of people out there, people that stood by them is supporting their freedom to choose, now that they have abandoned those choices for expediency sake and the sake of expanding to Chicago, some might want to punish them for their pussification. Dollars talk.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Little more than an exercise in semantics on the part of Chik-Fil-A to get the libtards to shut up. Net effect on who they give money to will be “none at all”….

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  2. repmom

    OMG! What next? Opening on Sundays?

    Doesn’t sound like all the facts are in, and I will have to check with my friends who supported the business on that day, but I doubt any regret their show of support for freedom of speech, or will punish the business for expanding and creating more job opportunities, even in Chicago.

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  3. Hal_10000

    I thought that the support of CFA was more a support of free speech and response to implied thuggery than a statement against gay marriage. CFA has freedom of association. That means they are free to give their money to anti-gay orgs or not give to anti-gay orgs. If this truly a change of heart, well, fine. If it’s a response to thuggery, then not so fine.

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  4. Section8

    Who cares what the company did.

    The Christian-rooted fast food restaurant agreed to stop funding groups such as Focus on the Family that oppose same-sex marriage in a meeting with the Chicago politician who had been blocking the company’s move there.

    THIS should be the real issue, and why was this allowed to continue?

    As for boycotts, I’m all for them. It’s free market in action. If people don’t like who they donate to, they have every right to notify the public, and each individual can choose what they do with their dollars in support of the protest or as a counter protest. But didn’t we have a post on what bullshit it is when public officials start dictating who can set up shop where based on the business owner’s point of view? Well it looks like not only did at least one politician express such threats in public statements, but continued to push the policy after the story faded.

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