OK. The Obama people have a new campaign out.

There’s a new way to show that you’re voting for someone who represents us all. Choose one of your reasons for voting and write it on your hand, then pledge to vote. You can share a photo on Twitter and Instagram with #ForAll. Check out some of the photos—you might even recognize a few of the faces.

Good God, the hubris on these people makes your jaw drop, doesn’t it? I have never seen something this … creepfiying. Even Bushitler didn’t have people literally pledging allegiance to him.

Conservatives and libertarians have to make this into a hilarious backfire. They have to sabotage it. I just put up a Gary Johnson banner with the #ForAll hashtag. I think people should put up pictures with things like “I love debt!” “I love drone strikes!” “I hate civil liberties!” “I want the government controlling healthcare!”

The only response to hubris is mockery.

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  1. Hal_10000 *

    The Wave was pretty awesome. We did that play in school. The thing is, I’m sure it would happen that way in real life. Never forget the Stanford Prison Experiment.

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    Oh Jesus fucking H christ on a crutch@!


    Was a fucking piker compared to B.O. and this crowd…
    does any of the people running this campaign realize this smacks of something Joseph Goebbels would put together?

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Now if they’d written it on their breasts……

    Get a bunch of porn tits out there with “I love motorboating” written all over them….

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