Would they need to do this if they where not trying to hide bad stuff?

As is to be expected, the usual propagandists in the LSM have chosen to ignore yet another devastating revelation of how corrupt the Obama Administration’s totally partisan DOJ has become. To those of us that suspected that the DOJ’s attempts to pretend that their scandalous and clearly politically motivated actions were anything but, these revelations are not news. From how the DOJ dismissed the blatant voter intimidation cases such as the one involving the Black Panthers, to the massive spinning about Fast & Furious, it was obvious that these were political.

The way the Black Panther case was dismissed, with a cavalier attitude and an attitude that pretended the people pointing out this was blatant voter discrimination were the racists, was an absolute shame. The message by the DOJ’s summary dismissal, frightening: racism can only come from honkeys, and voter intimidation only matters when the democrats can gain from it.

The way the DOJ tried to pretend that they had done the same as evil Boosh-Chimpy-McHitler’s administration, so nothing could possibly be remiss with the despicable Fast & Furious operation, didn’t fool anyone but the people that wanted to be fooled, and was even more shameful. Apply Occam’s razor to the Fast & Furious fiasco, and you quickly find out that the string of “mistakes” and “bad decisions” could not have been anything but a blatant series of moves intended to violate Mexican sovereignty with the objective to give the anti gun lobby some ammunition to undermine support for the second amendment they so despise, in order to counteract the losses handed to the tyrants that need a disarmed public by the courts. There is no other logical reason, not even pure ineptness, that would explain an operation that all but guaranteed weapons from the US would land in the hands of criminal gangs that would use them to kill people.

The left told us that crazy people where the ones that saw conspiracies, because nothing was remiss. Now we know better:

Abuse Of Power: The Justice Department has been caught colluding with left-wing media “watchdog” Media Matters to suppress critics who’ve embarrassed the Obama administration. What is this, Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela?

Based on a cache of internal Justice Department e-mails obtained by the Daily Caller, Attorney Gen. Eric Holder’s press staff has been collaborating all along with left-wing media “watchdog” Media Matters to smear any reporter asking uncomfortable questions, to discourage whistle-blowers, to discredit political watchdogs and to suppress damaging news about what’s going on in the Obama administration.

The Daily Caller found dozens of pages of e-mails between DOJ Public Affairs Director Tracy Schnakler and Media Matters staffers planning and discussing how to attack reporters who covered scandals such as the Black Panther voter suppression case, and the Fast and Furious scandal where DOJ sold thousands of guns to Mexico’s notorious crime cartels — the truth of which DOJ didn’t want to get out.

These weren’t just instances of over-sharing between political allies or a quest for access, such as the New York Times was caught doing when one of its reporters submitted an unpublished story to a CIA flack.

This was the Obama administration planning and directing operations from on high in a grotesque example of the state with all its powers using an off-the-books nuisance organization to harass its critics.

Look, if Team Obama’s blatantly biased DOJ are willing to go to this length to do damage control, it is for a reason: they need to control the narrative or people might find out they are up to no good. And they need to control the people that can undermine the narrative because the narrative is key in making sure the sheep don’t get the facts. Funny how the very same people that accused the Bush Administration’s DOJ of being political are now exposed as have taken actions that the Bush Administration’s DOJ could never have dreamed of getting away with. And yet, the LSM feels the only stories of worth these days are more of the same kind of narrative that tells the sheep Obama –good, Romney- bad. The facts be damned.

The top organization in charge of law enforcement in the US not only flaunts the law for political gain, but colludes with the most radical elements amongst the left’s propaganda machine to then cover up these despicable acts, but the big story in the DNC controlled LSM is evil Romney’s dislike of poor people! Yeah, no bias or fact and news manipulation there for sure, either. No wonder they have to skew polls participation so far to the left: they need to account for the big bounce the LSM gives the left. In the mean time our legal system only protects and serves those from the right party while that fact remains not news worthy…

The more we find out about Holder’s reign at the DOJ, the more it is obvious that these people think they are above the law and that the law is their personal weapon to deal with their opposition.

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  1. Hal_10000

    This is weak sauce, Alex.

    I notice you don’t like to the actual e-mails. Here you go (http://www.scribd.com/doc/106208610/Daily-Caller-FOIA-DOJ-and-Media-Matters). If you read them, you’ll discover these are inquiries from Media Matters to … the Office of Public Affairs. And the OPA did such vile things as:

    1) confirm that stimulus dollars were not used for F&F.

    2) sending out a transcript of a congressional hearing and official press releases

    Almost all of the e-mails are from Media Matters to the OPA and consist mostly of their own pages, boasting about how they were defending Obama. There are no smears of Obama critics from the DOJ, no attempts to surpress. At most, they were trying to get their side out which is .. .the OPA’s job.

    You are missing the story: that is that Media Matters is completely in the tank for OBama. We knew that this Soros-funded org was. No we have confirmation.

    (PS – Good to see you back posting! I hope your life is settling down and you have my best wishes.)

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  2. AlexInCT *

    There are no smears of Obama critics from the DOJ, no attempts to surpress. At most, they were trying to get their side out which is .. .the OPA’s job.

    Their side? Seriously Hal? This is, at the risk of invoking Godwin’s law, like saying that what Bagdad Bob did during the Iraqi invation was to get their side of the story out. The issue here isn’t that the OPA was trying to get their side of the story out, they worked with Media Matters to specifically taget anyone that gave them negative press coverage, whether the negative coverage was accurate or not.

    And it is not like Media Matters would actually care about doing anything but carry water for these guys anyway. That’s not a story of any kind. That’s just confirmation of the obvious. The issue here was that Media Matters was used to go after people that didn’t give the DOJ favorable coverage of what everyone that was not biased could see was blatantly political. That’s the story.

    And life is still not settling down. Gonna be a while before I get everything ironed out and life back on track. Thanks for the best wishes though man.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    Alex said;

    The left told us that crazy people where the ones that saw conspiracies, because nothing was remiss.

    Hal responded;

    This is weak sauce, Alex

    It’s almost like… I just can’t put my finger on it.

    The Allinsky brothers should be along any time now.

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