Remembering The Red Bandana

I will be travelling today and am almost out the door but I wanted to throw something up about 9/11. I woke up and put on ESPN to get some scores from last night. On ESPN they were talking about Wells Crowther. His parents talked about him, the people he saved talked about him, the annual Red Bandana run in NY was mentioned, a genuine hero who could have saved himself but chose to save others. Starting off your day all choked up and weepy, not what I had in mind.

I watched some of Obama’s speech at the Pentagon today, at least he found his heart this time for the National Anthem. We don’t say many good things about Obama here, at least I don’t, but there are times when he really looks and acts presidential. Not only could I feel the empathy in his voice, but believe he cares and feels the loss of those Americans as much as I do.

Say what you will about his domestic policies, he has been one tough son a bitch terror warrior. Smoking terrorists from above will endear him to anyone. Re: croaking OBL, it was the leaks and the special security clearances he gave his Hollywood buddies that irked me, not the end zone dances. If he wants to parade OBL’s head around at all fund raisers and debates, go for it, he gets the credit.

I was also struck by the opening prayer given at the Pentagon and at Skanksville. For our foreign readers, does it seem odd to you that we still hold God in reverence and consider ourselves a Christian nation? Other countries don’t do it, but we do, is it force of habit, a genuine fear of repercussions if we did away with it, or a conscious choice to pay tribute to that which we hold sacred?

It is always difficult to predict the future, to know what catastrophes are in store for us and yes, something as cataclysmic and memorable as 9/11 may again occur, but knowing what we know today, I can’t think of anything that defined us more as a nation then 9/11. I assume that foreigners either feel the same way or understand that which we hold as monumentally sacred.

You can see the 9/11 memorial here

The sounds of the rushing water was done for effect (to drown out the typical sounds of NY) as well as the water rushing into a void, that void being the souls lost.

We ran 9/11 post a few years back where those that wanted could reflect on where they were and what they were feeling on 9/11/01, you can still do that here if you want, along with any personal observations or reflections. For me, my entire day was filled with rage, not only at what those cowards did but that I could not either retaliate or lend a hand.

We Will Never Forget
Let’s Roll
And from a bull horn smack tab in the middle of the rubble ,”And the people that knocked these buildings down, they will hear all of us soon”

OBL, his band of pussies, and all terrorists around the world have no idea of our resolve, but George said it best:

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  1. repmom

    I recall watching some “remembrance” video a while back (maybe a month or so), and asking my daughter “When will we be able to watch this stuff without getting emotional?”

    Her reply was “Never”.

    I think she’s right. It was horrible. Simply horrible.

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  2. CM

    For our foreign readers, does it seem odd to you that we still hold God in reverence and consider ourselves a Christian nation?

    Yep. But then our national anthem is “God Defend New Zealand” so who are we to quibble!

    My sympathies to you all on this day (although I guess it’s probably over now)

    It was horrible. Simply horrible.

    Couldn’t agree more. It was horrible enough over here sitting in front of the tv for hours on end trying not to cry.

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  3. Kimpost

    For our foreign readers, does it seem odd to you that we still hold God in reverence and consider ourselves a Christian nation?

    Yes, it seems odd to many of us. Not your Christianity per se, since faith is more common than not even in secular Sweden, but it’s more how you put your faith on display. Here, faith is mostly very personal. We usually don’t even now whether a politician is religious or not.

    Looking at both conventions I sometimes find myself wondering how a Swedish audience would have reacted to them. For sure, Swedes would have had a difficult time to swallow both the public religiosity and the patriotism, but what would have sent many of us into full cringe mode was the idolization. We aren’t used to treating politicians as rock stars. Since I’m used to US politics I personally don’t think much about it anymore (unless when I answer questions like these). I have no problems recognizing Ann Romney’s and Michelle Obama’s speeches as great, even if they wouldn’t have worked here, for Swedish politicians (Why the fuck would the wives be speaking at all?).

    Michelle and Ann dueling on how incredibly poor they used to be, and how hard their respective lives have been, was worthy of a piece in The Onion. Reminded me of The Four Yorkshiremen. :)

    9/11 truly was a horrible event. Fuck it for ever happening…

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