Useful Idiots

You know, it’s like if I got knocked out, than woke up on Mars surrounded by Martians (although if possible I would like Clinton with me, he can score anywhere), that’s about sums up the affinity I have (or lack thereof) with those folks in Charlotte. Alternative universe does not describe their thinking, what great little Mao’s they would make:

I’m sure the camera made them nervous and they had not idea what they were saying. Or we could conclude that the party faithful does worship at the alter of big government, that which will provide all our needs and decides what we say and think.

Do you think any of these people know anything at all about business, capitalism or free markets?

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  1. repmom

    Wow. Scary.

    Ladies – please don’t wear cowboy hats or large Texas earrrings when you’re being an idiot. It’s just so embarrassing.

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  2. Section8

    At least there were a few somewhat intelligent people, but with misguided ideas. Some even said not a ban but a cap, and while I don’t agree with them or their solution, at least they put some thought into it. Now for those who said no corporate profit, that’s ridiculous, and the let’s have losses girl was hilarious. To note though, I don’t think there should be a cap set by law; a better alternative would be to quit giving tax payer dollars to corporations, and especially coming to the rescue every damn time. Then spending of corporate funds might just start looking a little more honest.

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  3. CM

    Those are the sorts of people that make me run in the opposite direction when it comes to potentially ‘joining’ a politicial party, or attending a ra-ra-ra event like this one. I wouldn’t want to be so closely associated with the inevitable idiots.
    I’m sure a lot of them actually do get carried away and in the cold light of a normal day (away from the mentality that these sorts of event result in) wouldn’t automatically agree to what is being suggested to them. But I wouldn’t put any money on that.

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    Based on this video, the logical assumption to make is “Democrats = Marxists”

    Their level of understanding of even basic economics is scary stupid.

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  5. CM

    I’m surprised many of them were able to find Charlotte on a map, let alone get there.

    But perhaps it’s the policies and actions of the Democratic leaders that would be a better measure of wherther “Democrats = Marxists”. I’m sure any knowledgable (non-)god-fearing Marxist would disagree strongly.

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