Your Friday Morning DWS Fail

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is rapidly rivaling Nancy Pelosi as “Democrat Most Likely to Say Something Dumb and Hilarious”. For your amusement, here is Anderson Cooper destroying her on the Romney abortion issue.

(The link has a preliminary minute where Anderson explains that the GOP abortion plank is essentially unchanged since 2000).

Of course, we all know that Anderson is a Right Wing homophobic woman-hating lunatic, right? Right? Oh, yeah.

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    Anderson Really dug into her ass on that! WOW, its amazing how they can contort their own brand of logic to fit their reality..

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  2. Mississippi Yankee


    Didn’t these two squabble a bit earlier this week too?

    Her (DWS) debating style is very familiar. I wish I could put my finger on it but I know I’ve seen this style somewhere else before. Maybe if she had added a few obscure links it would have come to me. But she’s definitely a ‘the ends justify the means’ kinda gal.

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