RTLC, Fair And Balanced

Last week we had some fun with a certain videographer hell bent of destroying his life, mission accomplished. The apology was fine, how sincere his contrition, who knows? BTW, I found his apology equally as revealing as his drive through tirade; how easily he is manipulated, how easy he fell victim to hysteria, and how incredulous he was that other folks don’t feel the same way he does. We will leave Mr. Smith to his wrongful termination lawsuit (you know it’s happening) and turn our attention to the flip side:

I’m still laughing at this moron.

No, arson is not a laughing matter and I’m assuming the fire did not spread and burn down the factory, but how quickly did he ramp up from crusader to coward?

Which one is worse? You decide, tbh there are certain malcontents that nobody wants to claim as being on their side. But they are entertaining.

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  1. Section8

    LOL. Let’s run so we don’t get caught, but no way no how would anyone know is was us if we post it on you tube. Moron.

    I didn’t realize that Cheerios were so flammable. I know Fritos are (learned that watching Survivor Man). Anyhow, I’d go out and buy some Cheerios, but it’s hard to do when the generic brand is about 1/3 the price.

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  2. repmom

    Hilarious! Idiot!

    I thought Mr.Smith’s apology was lame.

    Both guys are an embarrassment to the human race, as well as political sides they represent, or think they represent.

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  3. dahlhowse

    repmom says:

    Mom, you’re back! I don’t think I’ve seen a post from you since drumwaster was posting here. (Granted, it’s not like I’m around often…)

    OT: definitely would have been funny had his clothes caught fire.

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