Stinging the Stingers

You know that scene in every mediocre spy movie where the surveillance team finally busts the bad guys only to find out the bad guys were really a surveillance team for another agency? Yeah, that just happened:

He saw something. He said something. And he inadvertently uncovered a secret spying operation that the New York Police Department was running outside its jurisdiction.

In June 2009, a building superintendent at an apartment complex near the Rutgers University campus opened the door to unit 1076 to conduct an inspection. Tenants had been notified of the inspection weeks ago and the notice was still stuck to the door.

He turned his key, walked in and immediately knew something was wrong. A colleague called 911.

The caller, Salil Sheth, and his colleagues had stumbled upon one of the NYPD’s biggest secrets: a safe house, a place where undercover officers working well outside the department’s jurisdiction could lie low and coordinate surveillance.

Basically, while Mayor Bloomberg has been talking about inclusiveness and tolerance, his NYPD has been going outside New York to monitor Muslim businesses, religious organizations and people. Not people necessarily suspicious or connected with terrorist activity, mind you. Chris Christie, among others, has been critical since the NYPD doesn’t technically, you know, have authority outside their own city. And they are not, technically, supposed to be a covert anti-terrorism agency.

At the same time, Homeland Security has been telling all of us to look for Islamists under our beds (and sometimes in them). Anything suspicious is supposed to be reported. The logic is that a million false calls and inconveniences are justified if it results in Homeland Security ignoring warning from the fathers of men with bombs in their underwear.


I’m sure various security experts will emerge from the woodwork to tell us how this proves the system is working. But we should feel relieved, really. The threat level must be pretty low if the security agencies are being reduced to catching each other.

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  1. InsipiD

    No matter what they were doing, I would raise holy hell if I were the mayor of another place with NYPD running any kind of game in my town. I’d probably arrest them.

    Bloomberg has just got to stop. I don’t know what’s the matter with him, but he seems to think that there’s no limit to the power he can exercise. He assumes that everybody trusts him and that he’s some kind of omniscient figure in the lives of the entire world who is somehow…he thinks he’s Superman. What’s the deal with that? There’s no truth or justice to it, either, and anything but the American Way.

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  2. Seattle Outcast

    Bloomberg suffers from a classic case of elitism – in his mind he simply knows what’ best for you because he’s simply so much better than you. It would be best if you shut your plebe mouth and didn’t distract him….

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Yeah, but isn’t Bloomberg old money? The presumption of superiority is there from birth rather than acquired. Obama has secret doubts, as evidenced by his extremely thin skin, while Bloomberg appears to incapable of having them.

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  4. repmom

    I don’t know anything about Bloomberg’s history, but your comparison is interesting and probably correct. No doubt of Obama’s thin skin and lack of ability to handle criticism of any sort.

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  5. CM

    Hi repmom, I’m relatively new here, but you’re obviously a long-termer (life-termer?!). Anyway, thought it might be polite to say hello.

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  6. repmom

    Hello to you as well, CM.

    Yes, I hung out at the original RT for a long time, but got burned out, and took time off. As stated earlier, never stopped reading. Once hooked, always hooked, I guess.

    I’m not good at debating, but always interested in what both sides have to say. I’m as conservative as they come, with strong Christian beliefs, which caused me to be at odds many times with others, including Lee. And SO. :)

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  7. CM

    I posted at Moorewatch Forums since about 2004 until it died off last year, so although I’m ‘new’ here at the new-RT, I’m not new to the JimK-created internet-blog/forum universe.
    I’m centre-left, so we might find we disagree on some stuff. But that’s fine with me. I’m also not religious at all, but I have no problem respecting the religion of others (my parents are both religious and I get on well with them).
    Like you, I’m always interested in what both sides have to say.
    Anyway, apologies to Hal for disrupting his thread….

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  8. Section8

    They should just start calling him Mayor Little Putin. Seriously though, as far as this operation, someone’s got to keep those venti cups off the street, and with Jersey being so close it’s easy to smuggle them across the border.

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    Bloomberg, has done similar crap before, by sending teams to AZ and TX area gunshows, purchase guns and bring them back to NY, to show off how easy it is to buy there weapons of mass destruction…

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  10. Hal_10000 *

    Anyway, apologies to Hal for disrupting his thread….

    Don’t apologize for socializing in the threads! I like it when the political isn’t personal.

    I didn’t want to post on this since I don’t want this to become the BloombergWatch, but he’s got a new hook into the populace:

    I’m a big believer in nursing and we were able to keep my daughter naturally fed until she was eight months. But this is ridiculous.

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  11. repmom

    It is absolutely ridiculous! So – the mother can choose whether or not to actually give birth to that child (or kill it), but once she does, the govt is taking over and going to tell her what she must feed him/her. Burns me. What next? What diapers she must use?

    There is little doubt that breast feeding is best, and good for your wife to have done so, Hal, but it still should be the parents’ choice. My one year old granddaughter was never nursed (adopted at birth), and she is quite healthy. She has had no health issues at all.

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  12. CM

    That is disgraceful. The breastfeeding Nazi’s are in full force down here unfortaunately. It’s insanity. One of our kids simply wouldn’t co-operate, while the other one had no trouble at all. Sometimes it’s just not going to happen, and the pressure applied on this issue has had me shaking my head and swearing under my breath on more than one occasion.
    It got so insane an advert which just happened to feature an All Black feeding his kid with a bottle got pulled off because of the pressure applied by the breastfeeding Nazi’s.
    This was despite sane people pointing out that the father-child bonding message (from an All Black) was surely FAR MORE significant. Fucking ridiculous.
    Ok, rant over.

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  13. hist_ed

    CM, I need some help. My father in law happened to mention that the best beer he ever had was in New Zealand. It had the word “lion” in its name. Ring any bells? This would have been at least 15 years ago. (by the way, his taste in beer is awful, so it might well be piss poor). His 70th birthday is coming up so I am going to try to get a sixer for him.


    PS “center-left?” By New Zealand standards, I suppose-but not to us Amurikans . . .

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  14. CM

    Hahaha, he’s talking about this:

    It’s a classic, been around forever, but certainly isn’t considered a higher quality beer. It’s one you might find yourself drinking at a sports event in the 1980’s or early 1990’s. ;-)

    PS “center-left?” By New Zealand standards, I suppose-but not to us Amurikans . . .

    Well I got far closer to the average American view on that recent poll than almost every American here who posted their result. So if we consider the average American view as ‘centre’ for the purposes of this discussion, it would be fairly accurate (as much as you can be with these things). I’m a capitalist, so that surely counts me out as being too far left. I share some views with those on the right. Also if I go to a lefty forum I usually find the majority are to the left of me.

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  15. Xetrov

    Well I got far closer to the average American view on that recent poll than almost every American here who posted their result.

    That poll was F’d up something fierce. Despite me having similar scores to others in regard to specific candidates who scored way lower on the ‘average American’, I was over 90% with the ‘average American’.

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  16. CM

    That poll was F’d up something fierce. Despite me having similar scores to others in regard to specific candidates who scored way lower on the ‘average American’, I was over 90% with the ‘average American’.

    Ok, well I can also look at general US polling. I’m invariably on the side of the majority on most issues. And as I say, lefty forums usually leave me cold.

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